Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our far

Our weekend officially started yesterday!  My darling hubby decided to take the day off ~ which is always a reason to celebrate!  We got to sleep an extra 2 hours yesterday morning, got ready to go and took the kids to breakfast at Primo's cafe.  Amy and I split an omelet plate ~ it sure was tasty.

Then we headed of to Belks for their sale. The girls each found an outfit, I got a couple of shirts, and so did Greg.  Will's got a bazzillion shirts, so we didn't even look for those for him. Then off to Lowe's for some supplies for our home improvement projects.  After some working at home, it was time to swim ~ or at least float in the pool cause we were pretty tired.

Greg fired up the grill and cooked about 80 hotdogs (not much of an exxageration) and some sausages.  I hit a huge "buy 10 packs get $5 off at Kroger" I did.  When our freezer started acting funky, we defrosted them and needed to grill them all.  Now, most are refrozen for future dinners and lunches.

We downloaded a movie from Netflicks and had a quiet family night at home.  The movie was "Iron Man 2" ~ pretty good.

Greg and I got up this morning and trekked to the co-op to buy some frozen fruit and vegies.  The guy decided to be at the co-op this weekend and next weekend.  Bought some bags of frozen raspberries, peaches, and crowder peas ~  more jelly making is in our future ~ and canning of the peas.  Then back to Belks...We decided to go ahead and get Greg's "Daddy of the bride" clothes while it was tax free weekend. He went searching for those while I started going through racks of clearance pants and jeans for Will.  I got him 3 pair for $21 total!  Then I started looking for James, Allen, Rob and Andy & found them all a pair.  I love bargains. 

Then back to Lowe's to return a couple of things and buy some more supplies. 

Got home and got to work.  The girls and I worked on replanting all the strawberry plants that had died.  The company replaced all our deceased plants ~ yeah!  Then we planted some pumpkin seeds, forsythia bushes, and a couple of trees.  There is more to plant but it just got too hot outside.  We changed our clothes and got neck deep in the pool and just floated  Greg and Will were working on some wiring for a plug for the RV hookup.  We thought it was going to work fine, but something went kaflooey and it didn't work.  More trying at a later time.  They joined us in the pool.  Our energy was zapped so we just floated ~ no swimming races today.

Katie and James' Sunday School class has a social tonight.  They are both up there for that.  Greg took Katie early, he is going to help light the stoves and set up some tables.  Then, another lazy night at home.

Tomorrow, the Haiti Mission Team will have a morning presentation about the trip.  Then in the afternoon, we will have a potluck fellowship with another church and see all the Haiti pictures and videos. 

The wedding is 9 weeks from today ~ more discarded wedding ideas will be blogged about next week...Katie is just so "traditional" ( I am Not complaining, she just doesn't see the humor and appeal of some of the great ideas we have come up with)  Katie and Bryant will be counting down the days, hours, and minutes ~ he is visiting next weekend! 

School starts on Monday! 

Happy Birthday to my nephew Brian tomorrow.....he will be 23!  Wow!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Every once in a while I need a change.
Changing the blog background is easy.
I was in a polka dot mood.
I love the bright colors.
Very cheery and uplifting!


*Friend ~ 1. One who is attached to another by affection: one who entertains for another sentiments of esteem, respect and affection, which lead him to desire his company, and to seek to promote his happiness and prosperity; opposed to foe or enemy. 2. one not hostile 3. One reconciled after enmity 4. An attendant, a companion 5. A favorer 6. A favorite 7. A term of salutation

In Jan. 2010, the Lord led us to a new church home.  Its a great fit and we really enjoy the people and love the Pastors dedication to the Word and the Message of the Bible.

Since Katie and Bryant announced their engagement ~ friends are coming out of the wood work.  We've got friends volunteering to help host a bridal shower, set up the sanctuary, decorate for the party (reception) afterwards and do whatever we need to make the day easier for us.

2 friends last night were thrilled with the news of the engagement & upcoming wedding and enthusiastically (&voluntarily) jumped on the wedding bandwagon and offered their help.  My homeschool group moms have offered to help.  Keepers moms want to help with her special day.   I've got offers of cake platters, punch bowls, candle holders, etc.  Offers to roll meat for meat trays, slice cheese, make punch, set up tables, decorate a bridal room at the church for Katie to be comfortable while waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Another (very new) friend has offered to do address all the invitations using her beautiful calligraphy skills

2 days ago, we met with Amy Kate (son Andy's girlfriend) who is going to be one of our wedding coordinators for the ceremony.  We were at the church for over an hour "staging" the wedding and discussing all the details.  The best thing about this meeting was, she wasn't looking to push forward her own agenda, she listened and wrote down what we wanted.  We had a great meeting, she took lots of notes, and then enjoyed lunch at McAllisters Deli.  Sarah (son Rob's finacee) is our other wedding coordinator but she wasn't able to be here for the meeting.  Since she and Amy are best friends, I know all the information will be shared.

I am tremendously thankful for the friends the Lord has blessed me with.  I am thankful for their enthusiasm, their creativity, their ideas, and their willingness.  This will definately make the week of the wedding and especially wedding day easier on me.  They are a wonderful group of Christian ladies with a passion for service and helpfulness!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For today.....

Outside my window ~ overcast, cooler than "stifling hot"

I am thinking ~ how folks like to complicate things

I am thankful for ~ simplicity

From the kitchen ~ chicken & dumplings for dinner, making strawberry jelly

From the learning rooms ~ school starts next Monday, I'll talk about it then

I am wearing ~ pink plaid dress, hair in a ponytail

I am creating ~ flower girl dresses for my daughters wedding ~ 2 smocked, 1 to go

I am going ~ to make the most of the 9 1/2 weeks before the wedding

I am reading ~ book 5 of Freedoms Holy Light series, The Bible

I am praying ~ for my son Allen, health issues & his court date for tickets in GA

I am hearing ~ cars driving, doors opening & closing, footsteps of my children

Around the house ~ the, cleaning, crafting, reading, game playing, puzzles

One of my favorite things ~ my protector, defender, encourager, provider, loving husband

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ bible study, Keepers, more wedding plans, family time

To read more daybook posts, please head over to..... 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for a freezer full of food.

And especially thank you that you prompted me to go to that freezer today.

I don't know why its not working well, but I am very thankful I only lost a little of the contents
and not the whole freezer full of food.

Thank you for letting us find enough nooks and crannies in the other freezers to cram the
frozen food.  And thank you for my family who will be eating some creative meals this week!

Thank you that I have this "problem".  I know many people are not this blessed.

Thank you for the reminder that our lives and our possessions belong to you.  And thank you for your care for us.

Love, Donna

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vision Forum

Do you see the header near the top of the blog with the Vision Forum Catalog?

This is a great Christian company focusing on bringing families back together and instilling
a Christian world view.

I am an affiliate for the company...that means that if you click on my links on this blog and place and order, then my account will receive a certain % of those sales.

It took 1 1/2 years of orders to make their minimum affiliate payment, but I just got my first commision check!

Ahhhhhhh, the possibilities for the spending are numerous!  Could just wait till the new catalog comes out in the fall and spend on their merchandise~  fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011



Proverbs 22:17
Bow down thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thine heart unto my knowledge.
There are three prerequisites for learning truth and wisdom. And they are not listed in any college handbook. You must first humble yourself to admit you are ignorant; you must then stop thinking and talking, so you can be taught by those wiser than you; and then you must love and commit to what you are taught. This process guarantees learning!
Who gave this rule? Did he know what he was saying? Solomon taught these three points by inspiration from God and by his own experience. When his father King David died, Solomon was made king, though still young and tender. He followed these steps to become the wisest man that ever lived, short of Jesus Christ (I Kgs 3:5-28; 4:29-34).
By nature, men rebel against these three steps, so most live and die as fools. First, you are born with arrogance that resists humbling yourself to instruction from others. Second, you would rather think your own thoughts or speak them than listen to others. And third, your heart loves its own foolish notions and does not want to change to truth and wisdom.
Bowing down your ear is humbling yourself and admitting ignorance. David said, “LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me” (Ps 131:1). Solomon said, “And now, O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in” (I Kgs 3:7). They got rid of pride!
What level of truth and wisdom did these two acquire? More than any other natural men! And those who follow their example will have similar results. Reject any confidence in your own thoughts; admit you are ignorant; and beg God and your teachers to help a fool (30:2-3; Ps 32:8-9; 119:18; Is 66:1-2; I Cor 3:18)! Learn a basic axiom of wisdom – His thoughts are above your thoughts as high as the heaven is above the earth (Is 55:8-9)!
Hearing the words of the wise requires several things. You must stop contradictory thinking, so your mind can receive instruction (II Cor 10:4-6). You must stop talking about your ideas and opinions, so you can learn better ones from those wiser than you (18:2; 26:12). And you must select wise men as your teachers (19:27; Eccl 7:5; Is 3:12).
Children assume they know more than their parents. Amazing! They need to grasp the importance of hearing their parents. Citizens assume they know more than government officials. Amazing! They need to listen. Church members assume they know more than their pastor. On what basis, an Andy of Mayberry Bible study series? Listen, and learn!
Men today do not want to be taught, so they hire entertainers to tell them fables (II Tim 4:1-4). Seeker sensitive churches provide the place where these rebels gather for cookies and milk and a sensitivity session. While the situation is more widespread than before, the basic character flaw is old (Is 30:9-10; Ezek 33:30-33; Amos 2:12; 7:12-17).
Solomon exhorted his son often about the importance of hearing (1:5,8; 4:1,10; 5:7; 8:6,33; 19:20; 23:19). At the same time you must reject false instruction (14:7; 19:27). Cornelius had a glorious attitude about hearing (Acts 10:33), and the noble Bereans were ready to hear (Acts 17:11). Jesus warned strongly about how you hear (Luke 18:8). Do not provoke God to swear against you by refusing to hear (Ps 95:7-11; Heb 3:7-19)!
Applying your heart to knowledge rejects old attitudes, goals, and opinions to learn new ones. It is a choice to love things you are learning and hate contrary ideas (Ps 119:113,128). It is making true knowledge very important to your soul and paying the price to get and keep it (2:1-5; 18:1). It means getting excited and thankful about wisdom (2:10; Ps 119:47; Jer 15:16)! It also means holding on to it for dear life (4:4; 6:21; 7:3)!
Your love or hatred of instruction says a lot about your character (10:8; 12:1; 15:5). And the consequences are great in both directions (8:36; 13:13,18; 15:10; 28:14). Job and David loved the correction and instruction of God’s words (Job 23:12; Ps 119:162-163). Truth and wisdom should be a most worthy cause for celebration (Neh 8:10-12).
Child, bow down your ear to your parents, hear them carefully, and choose to love and trust their experience and wisdom. It is for your life! They know more about the world than you can imagine! They have a far greater love for your future peace, pleasure, and prosperity than even you. Reject their instruction, and die young (30:17; Eph 6:1-3)!
Adult, you first need to find a man of God to teach you the word of God without apology, compromise, or obvious error (I Kgs 22:7; Mal 2:7; Gal 1:6-9). Then you must bow your ear to your pastor, hear him carefully, and tremble before the word of God he preaches (Is 66:2; I Thess 2:13; 5:20; Heb 13:7). For those that do not like these methods, then God and wise men will watch you wallow in ignorance and trouble (13:15; I Cor 14:37-38).
Satan and your flesh hate Bible preaching. You must desire the sincere milk of the word as a newborn babe (I Pet 2:2) and recognize the conflict (II Cor 10:4-6). Can you humble yourself to admit ignorance? To allow another to correct, instruct, rebuke, and teach you? To despise your habits, ideas, preferences, and traditions and embrace the word of God on every subject? This is your great goal, for this is the means of truth and wisdom.

Forward email

This Proverbs lesson really makes you think.  How often do we all run head long into something without considering the consequences or the foolishness of our actions because "we know best".  We are all sinners, we all need counsel from Godly men & women and we all need to listen and have a teachable spirit.  Its so easy to listen to just one person or listen to no one and step off the deep end into something inappropriate for us.  It is very hard to "be told what to do" or "why to do something" or a "different way to do it" because we all want to do things our own way and under our own power. The Lord gave us an amazing "guide book" for life ~ the Holy Bible, we just need to use it!  We need to accept the counsel of older, Godly men & women, we need to run everything through the filter of the Lords scriptures, and we need to slow down and allow the Lord to speak in & through our lives & deeds.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


The tomatoes are thriving....I've got 6 out of the original 15 or so plants still living.  But they aren't just living, they are huge.  I tried staking them this year and have decided I like tomato cages a whole lot better.  My plants are being held up off the ground with lots of strings tied to the poles.  I put a wire cage beside one of the plants to train its long branches through and give them support.  Today I tied some of my stakes to the fence, right behind them, so the weight of the plants doesn't pull the whole thing over.  The plants have lots of blossoms and a number of tomatoes ~ but not enough to do anything with yet.  But I am not giving up on them!

The corn I planted to cover part of the fence is about 7 feet tall now.  I don't know if we will get many ears of corn, but I do like looking at the tall plants.  I don't really need any corn since I was invited to  "gleaned" from another garden.  I've got more than enough for our family and have shared our pickin's with 3 other families.

The green beans are puzzling this year.  I planted 4 boxes of beans.  I've picked enough for dinner once or twice.  The plants get flowers but then I get no beans.  I would strongly suspect the puppies of developing a bean fixation but the plants aren't trampled.  2 of the boxes are new for the green beans (previously used for squash and okra).  They got lots of composted leaves and newspaper and new dirt.  It could just be this terrible heat.  Maybe I can try again in the fall.  Sure am glad we got to "glean" green beans too.

The kids have been helping me try to control the weeds.  I'm almost ready to refer to it as "ground cover" and be glad for something green...but not quite.  They weeded and clipped in the courtyard this morning.  Then did some backyard work~it looks considerably better outside.

The sky is covered with rain clouds ~ now they need to start sharing their moisture!

Amy's baby

Bluebelles home

Out of control Tomato plants ~ now they been tied up more and weeded

Bell Pepper plants


Morning glory plant thats taking over that side of the deck

cucumber box ~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After looking forever for wedding invitations (well, ok just 2 weeks...seems like forever), I have determined that there are very few, if any, invitations suitable for weddings that fold.  They are just single sheets of cardstock.  We are going to print our own invites and agreed upon one today.  Its very pretty, elegant looking, everyone agreed upon it ~ even if its not what I started out looking for.  Katie and I both like it.  We found those at Party City (will be returning the ones we bought at Staples)  She will use the little reply cards and envelopes as Thank You notes for gifts.  Ahhhhh, a double duty set ~ its a beautiful thing!

Now, we need a good sale on solid white or off white cardstock for the wedding programs.  Hobby Lobby doesn't have big packages of those colors.  Maybe Michaels or Office Depot will have a sale soon.When Bryant visits in Aug., we will be taking lots more engagement pictures to find the perfect one for the program!

We also found the makings for lapel flowers/corsages for everyone we needed.  Got all the ribbon and corsage pins also.  Thanks to Hobby Lobby for having a bridal event 50% off sale.  Now, we will have to make bows for them and thats done!

Its great being able to check things off the list!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. Doolittle lives at my house

Over the years my animal loving daughter has collected quite a menagerie.  I'm convinced she is related to Dr. Doolittle.  She would not have had a problem with being on the Ark with all of Noah's animals and would've had a blast helping Adam name all in the Garden of Eden.  To her ALL animals are "cute"!

Today, she finally got her birthday bunny!  Its a mini lop doe.  She and Katie named her Bluebelle.

Its amazing that it only took 2 hours to get Amy to put her in the bunny hutch outside.

Wonder how the doggies will react when they figure out there is something living in there now? 

Love at first Bunny Sight!


For today.....

Outside my window...sunny, muggy, hot, humid, oppressive, uncomfortable ~ typical July day for Mississippi!

I am thinking...about how everyone wants to complicate things

I am thankful for...a husband who listens & love me

From the kitchen...baked hamburgers, mashed potatoes & gravy, vegetables

I am wearing...haven't gotten dressed yet

I am creating...3 flower girl dresses for my dear daughters wedding, also working on projects to enter n the fair (2 months till everything gets turned in!), starting on gifts for the holiday season also

I am continue with all my wedding plans

I am 4 of the Freedoms Holy Light Series, my Bible, Hope Chest Legacy by Rebekah Wilson

I am praying...for lots and lots ~ family relationships, the Lords will, my children, my nephew Billy (on a mission trip in Haiti), my daughters wedding, my husband, finances, discernment

I am hearing...doors open & close, cars driving

From the schoolroom...nothing yet ~ we start our 16th year of homeschooling on Aug.1, then we will take a week long wedding break the last week in Sept.  Everything is purchased.  We've been able to take advantage of some back to school sales for spiral notebooks, paper folders, etc.

Around the house... Will is cleaning out desk drawers, Katie is cleaning out drawers and working on her quilt, Amy is starting to handquilt her Log Cabin quilt,  Greg is back at work, I am doing whatever necessary to keep everything around here progressing & working in my own crafting time!  We've got some projects to finish around here before the end of Sept. and need to prioritize them.  The tomato plants are thriving and the corn is taller than the fence.  I have 1 squash plant that survived (the heat and the puppies) and its huge.  We are praying for many more cucumbers to made relish and dill pickles.

One of my favorite things...a budget (gasp, I can't believe I just publically said that) ~ I really didn't like it for a while, but I have to admit the advantages of it and the benefits derived from it.  I've been on a cash system for misc., crafts, and clothing and I do like it better than using the c. card.  Last week all was bought on the card and even though I was instructed to get as much wedding stuff accomplished as I could, it still made me nervous to not be able to discuss the purchases with Greg (he was on a mission trip to Haiti).  I had his budget and tried to keep careful track of everything but I like cash better.

A few plans for the rest of the week...swim party at our house tomorrow night for church youth group, organizing the wedding stuff, making lots of lists, my date morning with Greg this weekend (its been forever...3 weeks!)

A picture to share.....
the bride and the mommy
Our expensive shopping trip to JoAnn's ~ yards of white satin, blue satin, and flowered laces, ribbons, flowers, threads

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Flower Arranging Pictures

finished flower girl basket

2 baskets down ~ working on the last one!
bridesmaid bouquet
My flower arranging skills improved ~ I made the bridal bouquet
We had a good time arranging flowers for the wedding.  Mom's dining room table was covered with silk flowers from JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby.  Then we added in fru fru stuff, ribbons, green floral foam, and baskets.  When all was done, we had completed 3 flower girl baskets, 2 bridesmaids bouquets and the brides bouquet.  I will be adding a bow and streamers to Katie's bouquet.

Left to do ~ boutonnieres for all the guys, flowers for the Mom's and grandma's.  Some type of floral arrangement for the sanctuary ~ maybe ferns or potted plants.  We know what we want for the reception tables, but those can't be assembled til that week.  I've got the tulle to make pew bows for the family rows.

Things are moving right along.  I am astonished at what we've accomplished this week.  We've been very productive and had lots of fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

flower arranging ~ not my gift!

but it does have a simplicity to it!

nephew Ben with him Unicorn imitation ~ comedy in the midst of flower arranging
Amy's fru fru hat!

Katie hard at work

Aunt Brenda working on the wedding dress (long & white!)
Blogger is having problems loading all my photos.  More to come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello!  My name is Donna and I am a shop a holic!

But I am curing myself of that fast!

Repeatedly using the credit card and not checking with Greg first is giving me the creeps!

Even though he told me to do it, I can't call him and discuss stuff ~ so this is really weird.

I like to shop but its getting tiring!  Right now I am at the point of "lets get it and leave".

We do have 2 more places to go ~ 1 more trip to JoAnn's (ahhh, this time for some skirt fabric for me) and 1 trip to Party City.  They are conveniently located in the same parking lot.

Today I cut out and sewed Amy's bridesmaids dress ~ just the back seam and hem is left.

We got some light blue silk roses and rosebuds for the bouquets.  My sister is coming over tomorrow and we are working on the dress and bouquets.

We also found the invitations & programs at Staples to have printed.

Katie wandered around Target with her entourage and found lots of goodies to register for.  We also found the gifts for her little flower girls!

I am greatly looking forward to the weekend.  Greg will be home Sunday.  I don't mind him being gone as much as I thought I would, but we've purposely stayed busy.  But, I do mind not being able to talk to him every day ~ thats just not normal.

Update Email from the Mission Teams in Haiti this week!

Hi All,
I wanted to give you a quick update for the week so far:
Both teams are doing great and have jumped right into ministering to the kids in the communities we are serving. 
Grace Destin Team Update:
Edner had the service clubs go around the community and invite kids to the VBS. We started with 60 kids and have had extras that the team gladly brought into the mix. About 15 students from Human Care School are helping.
The team decided to use a portion of their food distribution money to provide lunch to the kids at VBS since they were not in HOB's orphan feeding program and this would be the only healthy meal most of them will get each day.
Fish and Loaves
On Day 1 we feed 60 kids, 15 boys from Human Care School, and a few stragglers for a total of 80 people.
On Day 2, we feed 100 people combined. God has truly multiplied the rice and beans and it is a meaningful gesture to these hungry children. It will be interesting to see how many more show up today. Praying that God will continue to multiply the food for all those that need it.
The kids from VBS are adorable (of course) and seem to be enjoying the lessons and the crafts.
Grace Baptist Team Update: 

The Grace Baptist team has been spending lots of time with Pastor Austern’s kids. It has been great to see how quickly old relationships were renewed and that the team is well remembered from last year. There have been many smiles from the kids and they are having fun with the team.
The bunk beds are coming along very well and everything is cut and ready to assemble. The beds are certainly needed.
Tammy's sewing class kicked off Tuesday with 20 students (8 returned from last year) and she is excited about their potential.
Pastor Jeff has been preaching a revival each night this week and we have enjoyed lots of beautiful worship in Creole. We will wrap up the revival by showing the Jesus film at the church thursday evening. Plese pray that we will reach those who are not saved and strengthen the faith of those who are.
Tuesday was market day and we were able to combine our money and purchase an amazing amount of food for distribution to needy families Pastor Austern is ministering to. We will be able to feed 42 families for a month! What a blessing it will be.
Hands and Feet 
Tuesday we were given an unexpected opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet.
Judy from Grace Destin was holding this very frail little girl who did not move for 1 hr and 45 min. She clearly heard God tell her that if we did not intervene this little girl would die. She has had diarrhea and vomiting and was severely dehydrated. We started giving her Gatorade and took the girl to the clinic (after hours) and they determined she was not serious enough for admission and sent her home with medicine. She will return today for diagnostic tests.
We went and checked on her early this morning and she stood up on her own when we came in her room! She was still lethargic but it was truly amazing to see the difference in just 12 hours. We were meant to be here if for no other reason than this. It was a humbling experience.
Thats all for now. Everyone is eating well and the weather has still been cooler than expected!
Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city.

The section highlighted in yellow is Greg's team.  Sounds like they are having a wonderful week.  He called 2 days ago and we got to talk for about 2 minutes. He says its hot, muggy and much like Honduras.  Please pray for the Lord to bless the rest of their week.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've got a wedding taking up a great majority of my thinking time.  We've spent hours at JoAnn's, Bed, Bath & Beyond & Belk's.  Katie has chosen some beautiful items for her and Bryant's first home as a married couple.  Its been lots of fun watching her chose, helping her make decisions, and taking part in this process.

Our JoAnn's trips have yeilded the fabric, lace, thread, buttons, baskets and flowers for the 3 flower girls (Bryant's younger sisters).  We've bought some gorgeous for Katie's going away dress.  We've found a beautiful blue satiny fabric for the Bridesmaids (Amy & Brytni).  We've got lace, ribbons, and pearls for Katie's headpiece and ribbon for all the girls.  We've also bought flowers and ribbon to make bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids (never done that before but we are giving it a try).  Greg wants us to make the ties for the ushers and dads & we've bought the same blue satiny fabric for those.  This will be my first attempt at making ties also.  

I looked online for a top for me and found exactly what I wanted.  Then I bought blue suedecloth to make a skirt to match.  We are on the hunt now for shoes for Katie & I.  Tues. will find us at Mall of GA where they are holding a pair of shoes for the bride to try on. 

I've cut out the 3 dresses for the littlest girls.  The first step was to pleat the sleeves, then hem & put the lace on the sleeves.  Then I sewed the arm pieces to the fronts and backs of the dresses.  Next will come pleating all the dresses.  I forgot to bring my pleater, so my sister brought hers over for me to borrow.   Aunt Brenda is also fixing the sleeves on Katie's bridal dress and adding lace.  We are anxious to have the gown completed so we can mark it off our list.

We've made lots and lots of lists.  Then as things are accomplished we've redone the lists.   Having a good, complete list was extremely helpful on our 2 JoAnn's trips.

  I know that everyone has different plans and priorities for their daughters big days.  Our plans are different than most.  We are trying to do as much of the preparations for the wedding ourselves.  All the planning, buying, sewing, flower arranging, food, etc.  I am looking on it as a big party.  I've done big elaborate birthday parties and just 6 years ago, planned mine & Greg's wedding (in 6 weeks).  We had a wonderful fun time with all our family & friends and didn't break the bank.  Thats our plan for our daughters.  We want it to be special and everything they've dreamed about for a wedding but not take out a 2nd mortgage to do it.  Katie is on board and enthusiastic about all we've done and come up with great ideas we didn't think of.  We would much rather gift my children with wonderful things than go overboard on just one day.  (I've been called cheap for my approach but thats their problem not mine).

As the time goes on it keeps rolling over and over in my mind, that Katie is an adult.  She is making adult sized decisions.  The Lord has brought a wonderful, Christian young man into her life to share her future with, make dreams with, and to love.  Its going to be hard for her Mom and Dad to let her go.  But she will always be my Katie Lynn!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Rejected Wedding Idea

Greg's come up with another "brilliant" idea...

Wedding in the round.  We rearrange all the chairs in the sanctuary and the Pastor, Kate, and Bryant stand in the middle of the circle (like a concert in the round)  To make sure everyone can see them, they will be standing on a large lazy susan type pedestal.  Then Brady and Will are going to spin the lazy susan pedestal so that everyone can see everything.

Barf bags will be provided.

Next will be Allen's ideas from supper tonight.....  it just gets better and better!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Greg is leaving for Haiti tomorrow.  This will really be a long 9 days for both of us.  I agree with him going to minister and serve the orphans down there ~ but I am jealous that I'm not going.  Since we've never been there, he wanted to go first and check out the area & safety of making the trip, etc.  I understand all of that ~ but I've helped him get ready, been in all the team meetings, and shopped for the crafts and orphans clothes.  It doesn't help that several people keep asking me why I am not going or don't I want to go.  The latest one was last night ~ lets just say sorrowful is one of the emotions going through me right now.

Here is what they get to do while bunkbeds for the orphange ~ this may be the first bed some of these children have ever slept in, buying bulk bags of rice & beans and delivering in the village people along with oil, conducting bible school for children, preaching in revivals at night, ministering wherever and whenever possible.

We are headed to my Mom's for a week of wedding planning, shopping, visiting, hugging Allen, and crafting.  We've got dresses to buy fabric for and shoes to get ~ a trip to JoAnn's for the fabric!  Going out to eat and hopefully some lazy time too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rejected Wedding Theme #1

Greg and I feel its our duty to HELP plan this wedding, after all we are the parents.  Last night Greg came up with a brilliant idea.  Instead of tuxes the guys could wear Chef jackets ~ in black of course, this is a fancy schmancy affair.  The gals could wear pink chef jackets.  We were going to get the Pastor a chefs hat so he would look different from the rest of the wedding party.  Bouquets could be edibles...carrots with to leafy tops still attached, heads of brocolli or cauliflower, etc.  These bouquets could serve 2 purposes ~ bouquet and munchie if the ceremony goes on too long.  Gifts for the attendants could be carving knife sets, or something else to match the foodie theme.

Then we were going to help stock their pantry by tossing edibles instead of just birdseed after the reception.  We thought of having them carry open gallon ziploc bags to catch the rice in.  And then Amy got into the planning and came up with some really wonderful ideas ~ throwing packs of Ramen noodles, canned goods, frozen turkeys, and cases of water bottles (Amy is all heart & extremely creative).  We figured instead of everyone yelling...good luck, we love you, call us soon  ~ we could out, incoming, duck~

Somehow, Katie did not catch the vision for this idea.  I'm not sure why, but it was all thought of with love and concern for the new couple setting up their first home!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone else see a problem with this?  Or is Katie just being really sensitive?

(I sincerely hope and pray that anyone who read this idiotic rambling knows that I was kidding!  But it did give me a great post for the blog ~ and yes, the above coversation really happened.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Riding in the RV

What can you do while riding in the RV between St. Louis and central Miss.?  Glad you can make lists of wedding to do stuff.  You can plan all the food for the "after the ceremony party" (know in some circles as the reception but thats too stuffy and formal, we are having a party).  You can take your daughter to one of her grandmothers house to try on her 1st Mom's wedding gown.  You can Praise the Lord that the dress fits almost perfectly...just needs a little taken off the length.  You can get teary eyed when you see how beautiful she looks (sorry, no pictures can be posted ~ but I can tell you its long and white!)  You can stop at some outlets on the way home and buy some wedding goodies to go with the dress.  You can list everything you need to buy for the wedding to start a budget.  You can make bunches of phone calls to set more plans in motion ~ Amy Kate and Sarah are going to be our wedding ceremony no one walk down the aisle till they tell you to.  You can pray.  You can laugh.  You realize that YES you can plan a great, wonderful, memorable, full of love day for your Daughter and Future Son in Law in just 12 weeks.

You can talk to grandparents.  You can smock.  You can listen to sermon's on the CD's.  You can drink caffeinated beverages to help stay awake.  You can listen to Granny's plans to be a bridesmaid ~ haha, she gets to be the wedding Granny.  You can make plans to shop for fabric, shoes, napkins, plates, invites, etc.

Then you can pray some more and know that with the Lord's help and guidance this is going to be a magnificent day in our daughter's life!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We had a very full, blessed Saturday in St. Louis.  Bryant took Greg out to eat breakfast and to ask his permission to marry Katie ~ which Greg gave him.  They talked for several hours about budgets, apartments, college, marriage, etc.

Late that afternoon, Greg & I, Katie & Bryant took a driving tour of the area to look at the college, see different apartment complexes and walked around Bryant's work place.  Then his parents and the rest of the kids came to meet us on the banks of the Missouri River at their river walk and went to eat dinner.  During the dinner, B & K went for a walk (yes, alone) and he popped the question.  They came back into the restaurant all smiles and cheery faces.

Bryant's dad ordered a bottle of champagne to toast the happy couple ~ Katie was not impressed with champagne.  After the dinner, we all walked over to "the proposal spot" for more pictures..but my camera battery decided to die.  Greg took a couple of pictures on his phone, so we will try to get them loaded onto the computer.

After our church time this morning/afternoon, we headed to the grocery store and to pick up pizza.  There were some horribly, angry, nasty clouds in the sky which resulted in a big wind/rain storm and a 4+ hour power outage.  We spent the afternoon in the darkened rooms, planning a wedding. 

We gave them the option of a wedding in Oct. or Nov.  which resulted in a wedding date of Oct. just 12 weeks.  They are all smiles and excited, I am slightly overwhelmed, we are praying for lots of guidance and wisdom.