Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Storm Rages

The Lord allowed some powerful storms to rage in Mississippi and other states on Monday.  We are very thankful that though the storms hit our town ~ there were no injuries or deaths.  There was lots of trees down, homes & businesses damaged, and businesses & roads were closed.  The middle school sustained significant damage ~ the local schools closed but the county schools remained open for the most part.  Last night the town was put under a curfew because of the hazardous conditions.

Our home and our family were safe!  It bounced all around the area but not in our neighborhood.

We are thankful for the safety and protection of our family & our home.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Family Affair

Moving the ceramics shop, unpacking and setting up has become a Family Affair.  Amy and I are working almost every day (didn't work last weekend).  Greg has come over several days after work and James & Will have dropped in too.  I can finally see that it is coming together.  All the shelves are set up.  Her pouring tables and drying table got set up last night for the molds and making more greenware.  There is now classroom space but it isn't set up yet.  There is no air conditioner but the large warehouse fans worked quite well yesterday. 

When we packed stuff, I found stuff I didn't know she had ~ as I am unpacking the same is happening.  Its quite a messy, dusty, paper shredded adventure.  We had a box we were tossing broken greenware (never been fired, very delicate) into ~ that was many broken piece boxes ago.  Its amazing that the top 2 items in a box will be fine, the bottom 2 items in the box will be fine and the middle item will be smashed.  There is no rhyme or reason to how these things break.  I've quit being concerned about the breakage, because she isn't and expected some.  I didn't expect this much.  There is some satisfaction in tossing broken pieces into the box and hearing them crumble!

We are back to naming the Santa's that we unpack ~ yesterdays treasures were

Unicorn Santa
Euell Gibbons Santa (earthy)
Lumberjack Santa
Salvation Army Santa (he was ringing a bell)
Woodland Creatures Santa
No toys for you Santa (holding a large empty bag)
Creepy Santa (holding a child whose head had broken off)
our favorite Casino Santa
Rolly Polly Santa
Meterologist Santa (cape with stars)

Here are a few pics from a week ago ~ I will try to get some more today

this stack of molds is about 10 ft. high and goes back about 20 feet

these are now all unpacked ~ except for the paints

these are unpacked too!  Amy made that trail so we could clean out against the wall to hang the pegboard

these are unpacked too ~ and a good reason so much was broken ~ they were stacked every which way by the movers

a little order in the chaos ~ the bisque all ready for painting

that's all gone now too!
Funny story ~ there is a customer who has known she was moving the shop for 2 months.  She came in several times before the packing started to look around and buy stuff.  She came in when the greenware was being packed but all the paints were still out and did not buy the color she needed.  Did....Not....Buy....The.....Color!  She came twice last week and pitched a fit because the owner couldn't find her specific paint color and she just HAD to have to to finish an order.  I  had to walk away ~ it was worse than a 2 year old.  Its obvious that finding something specific is near impossible ~ and no, it wasn't found.  She came back in on Monday (oh joy) and apologized ~ that was nice.  But hey, we still haven't found her paint color.

Miss J (the shop owner) is running a lottery ~ guess the # of molds and win a $100 gift certificate for shop merchandise.  We've all guessed, it will be interesting to see how many there actually are.  That pile is still untouched.  She and Greg have discussed categorizing them all, doing a spreadsheet on the computer listing each mold, the manufacturer of it, mold number, type (cat, dog, vase, plate, etc) as each item is put in its home on a shelf.  That will take a long time ~ and when that's done ~ shes got 2 storage units to clean out....more molds. 

Our friends right now are Cold Drinks, Ibuprofen, and a good attitude. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easy Pillowcase

Several months ago I saw this pillowcase tutorial on Pinterest that I thought looked interesting.  The link to the original post is http://patches.typepad.com/notes_from_the_patch/2010/07/tutorial-tuesday-24-pillowcases.html

Today Amy and I attempted these.  I must say, when you got to the turning the fabric "sausage" right sides out...I didn't think this would work.  But it did and it was EASY!  And only 3 seams ~ start to finish.  We made 3 in less than 45 minutes and that included cutting the fabric and ironing the seams.  Accurately pinning the layers together to sew is crucial or you might end up not catching a piece of fabric (speaking from experience here!). 

Here are some of my pictures of our creations ~

the pillowcase sausage

this is the point of thinking "this isn't going to work"

just keep pulling

Ta Da!  Isn't it cute?

I made 2 for 2 little boys I love!

Amy made one for a little cutie we know will be a monkey like his daddy was!
Its worth it to print out these directions, for easy reference.  The main body of the pillowcase takes 3/4 yard of fabric, the cuff was 1/3 and the trim piece 1/8.  With all the fun, gorgeous, or novelty fabrics available ~ these can be easily personalized to any d├ęcor or theme!  I did change one thing from her directions ~ instead of doing the French seams on the inside of the pillowcase, I just serged the sides and bottom together. 

These could also be great in our Etsy store.  And they could be personalized with machine embroidered names or initials. 

I just love it when something works like the original poster says!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Springtime in Mississippi

Its finally here!  Springtime!  The birds are singing ~ the pool is clearing up ~ the doggies are sunning on the deck ~ the weeds are abundant ~ the temps are getting warmer, low 80's the last couple of days ~ the lawnmower got fixed and the grass cut ~ the peach tree has fruit and I've been to the plant stores twice and stocked up!

We bought 2 forsythia bushes (yellow bells), a lavender plant, a yellow broom plant (may not be the official name but the flowers were pretty), another butterfly bush, cucumbers, peppers, onion sets, tomatoes (3 kinds), a honey crisp apple tree, a dahlia plant, some "polka dot" plants, yellow squash, zuchinni,  marigolds, some seeds, and 2 new brightly colored pots.

We took off last weekend from helping at the ceramic shop to take care of our yard and get some "farming" done.  It took Greg quite a while to fix the John Deere but he was successful and got the front and back yard cut.  It looks so nice now!  And I got my hands really dirty and planted lots. 

Over the fall/winter, I had set all my pots inside my garden boxes so that Rosie didn't destroy them all.  With the lattice framing the top of all the boxes, she wasn't able to get to the pots.  When I cleaned everything out on Sat.,  I was about to dump a pot and discovered it had a quite healthy rose bush growing in it ~ I have no idea where this came from but I planted it in the yard anyway!  Here are some pictures of springtime in our yard ~

lots of peaches!

I thinned out the clusters and the chickens ate the green peaches!

strawberry blooms

bright, huge flower pot ~ Amy has a turquoise one for her bunny treats garden

I have always loved marigolds

gifts from the chickens!

And today the Lord sent us a nice rain ~ it can fill up the rain barrels and water all the goodies that were planted on Sat.

Happy Springtime!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Sign of Jonah - Three Days and Three Nights

Three Days and Three Nights

Scripture states that Jesus rose THE third day, IN three days, and AFTER three days (Matthew 16:21; 26:61; 27:63).

Only three full days – seventy-two full hours – will satisfy all the numerous statements of the New Testament.  To better understand, you must know that there can be more than one Sabbath day in a week.  The weekly Sabbath day was each Saturday.  God also commanded feasts and celebrations which included High Sabbath days. 

Jesus gave only one sign, the sign of Jonah, to prove He was truly the Son of God – the time He would be dead (Matt 12:38-40; 16:4).

Jesus ate the Passover with His disciples on the evening of the fourteenth by Moses' law. The first day of the Jewish year was the spring equinox.  It has 12 hours of day and night.  Passover was 14 days later, a Tuesday night. (Ex 12:6-8; Matt 26:17-20; Mark 14:12-17; Luke 22:7-15).

The crucifixion began at 9:00 AM Wednesday morning, and Jesus died after the darkness ended at 3:00 PM Wednesday afternoon. (Matthew 27:45-50; Mark 15:25,33-37; Luke 23:44-49).

Jesus was buried hurriedly as the preparation day ended and the high Sabbath day, Thursday, was about to begin (Mark 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:14,31,42).

The women who followed Jesus rested the high Sabbath day, Thursday, of the Passover before buying and preparing their spices on Friday.  This was the only day they could do the preparations. (Mark 16:1 cp Exodus 12:16).

The women bought their spices and prepared them on the regular workday between the two Sabbaths days this week (Mark 16:1 cp Luke 23:55-56).

The women rested during the weekly Sabbath day, Saturday, after buying and preparing their spices the previous workday (Luke 23:55-56 cp Exodus 20:10).

Jesus rose from the dead as the weekly Sabbath ended – three days and three nights after burial – as prophesied (Matthew 12:39-40; Mark 8:31).

While it was still dark, the morning of the first day of the week, the women found the tomb already empty (Matt 28:1-6; Luke 24:1-3; John 20:1).

The gospel record of Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection prove His identifying sign of three days and three nights (Matthew 12:39-40).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Baby is Growing Up

Today, my baby girl got her drivers license! 

Like I NEED a Reason!

Buying fabricI really like #10! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lessons Learning

Here are a few lessons we are learning while helping pack the shop ~

* Some folks like to chat/visit not pack
* You can't have too much shredded paper (we ran out)
* Boxes are a great commodity (at one point yesterday, I packed something in a tissue box!)
* Dust & pollen are not a good combination
* It takes much more time than you think it will
* You can't keep some stuff from breaking
* Strong men are a necessity to the process
* Keeping  a sense of humor is good (and occasionally thinking "oh bless her heart")
* Family is awesome ~ Amy & I took this on ~ Greg has helped, James & Will went box hunting yesterday
* Lots of cold drinks are needed ~ helps cut down on the pollen & dust
* Chairs are awesome to sit boxes on so you don't have to lean to the floor
* Organization isn't in everyones genes
* Some folks are definite packrats (or have a strong depression era mentality)
* Its really ok to throw some stuff away

Some interesting stuff I found yesterday ~ all ceramic

*An Elvis Bust (he is packed in a shoebox)
*A ceramic flyswatter holder
*A loaf of bread canister
*Plates, platters, and trays ~ oh my!

Today is another day!  But first some grocery shopping is necessary!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Amy & I are helping pack up a ceramics store to move to a new location.  It is a dusty endeavor and is taking lots and lots of time & work. 

There is an old saying "you can't see the trees for the forest" ~ I changed it to you can't see the ceramics for the shelves.  All these items have been here the whole time but there is so much you look and look and can't see everything.  Picking up each item, you discover lots of things.

We have found some odd things, I would have never thought of ~  things that I see and wonder "why"?....

A Casino Santa hitting the jackpot, Mail Man Santa, Fruit Basket Santa, Hawaiian Shirt Santa ~
A Lg. Frog (anatomically correct female) wearing a bikini ~
figurines with no clothing ~
and more

Some cool things we found that we are going to do ~
old fashioned washboard
doll size tea sets
the Wall Street Bull (Greg wants)
Lots of Owls

I can't begin to count all the pieces that have been busted in the packing ~ mostly greenware (that hasn't been fired yet).  Some have been on the shelves so long, that they crumble when we pick them up.  And we don't know what the state of the items will be after the move and when we unpack.

Everything is supposed to be packed up by tomorrow night ~ I still can't see that happening.  We've worked 7 1/2 hours 4 days and 9 hours yesterday, just this week..and it isn't done.  Greg came and helped last night and worked with me all day today down there.

And then ~ once everything is moved ~ then starts all the unpacking and organizing ~ there is no telling how long that will take.  Her location will be larger.

I am looking forward to the days of just going into the shop, sitting down and working on the goodies we have.  Who knows when that will be!

As Scarlett O'Hara said "tomorrow is another day".

But first church!  Happy Sunday! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Life Was Forever Changed

18 years ago, today, I was the Mama of a 12 year old son and a 7 year old son.  Both blonde, one blue eyed and one brown eyed, both full of energy, their bedroom full of trucks, cars, legos, k'nex, books, stuffed animals & lots of Boy/Cub Scout stuff.  They loved video games, camping, playing ball in the yard, riding bikes, doing stuff with their dad & grandpa Bill.  They turned my life upside down with excitement, adventure & fear (have you ever heard feet running across your roof?  I have!)

The Lord had a new adventure in mind for me.  18 years ago tomorrow ~ my baby girl was born!  She had a head full of black hair, an olive complexion, and blue/green eyes (now green like her Grandpa Bill).  We now had lace, pink, dolls, tea sets, stuffed animals with names & personalities, and lots of drama. 

Fast forward 18 years later ~ tomorrow Amy Lynn turns 18 (gasp). She surpassed me in height about 6 years ago, has long brown hair and big green eyes.  My Amy today loves ~ baking, reading, ballet, crafting, her dogs & rabbit, animal facts (her knowledge rivals Animal Planet), shopping, volunteering, going on Mission Trips, teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, going to Disney World,  swimming, traveling, jetski rides with Greg, "babysitting" her Granny, spending time with her cousins & siblings & being an Auntie.  Given the choice of any fast food place she will always choose Chick Fil A.  She started her own home business since graduation ~ Amy's Cupcake Creations ~ all made from scratch & they are yummy! 

In her 18 years she has gone on Mission Trips to Honduras, Prince Edward Island Canada, Oklahoma, Memphis, and New York State.  She leads a group in our churchs yearly Bible School. 

And I was forever changed ~~~~  I love you Amy Lynn!

Smith Mtn. Lake

bible drill


Cutting off her waist length hair to donate for Cancer Patients

Homeschool High School Graduation

she's an Auntie

crafts at Street Reach in Memphis with Inner City Kids

Amy loves riding with her Dad on the Jetski!

Amy's gift to Granny ~ Pigs In a Mud Pit cake!

Happy 18th Birthday~

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Threshold Of Glory! - Prestonwood Choir & Orchestra

This is one of the most powerful songs, I've heard proclaiming the magnificence of the Lord!  Our choir is singing this Sunday morning at church!  I found this beautiful version on YouTube and Amy downloaded it for me to share!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Things

Todays technology is a great thing ~ we can send & receive messages almost instantly, snail mail is optional ~ we can find out almost any information we need at the touch of a button ~ a machine can wash & dry our clothes (I am waiting for the folding & putting away machines), another machine can wash, sanitize and dry our dishes, our stand mixer can mix up bread, cupcakes, cookie dough, etc. ~ the pressure washer can clean the exterior of the house, the driveway or the vehicles ~
But what about appreciating the simple things?
Many today, don't focus on things that don't beep, bling, or require electricity.
Here are some simple things I love ~
In person conversations
receiving a Card in the mail
pictures of my grandsons
cross stitching a picture
hand quilting
family get togethers
Sunday afternoons
floating in the pool
getting fresh eggs from the chickens
reading a book
morning prayers
family celebrations
setting and achieving a goal
spring flowers
tiny baby clothes for a new grandson
helping a friend
a home cooked meal
hugs & kisses
hearing "I Love You"
wandering through a quilt shop
the changing of seasons
singing in the choir at church
hand smocking a dress
colorful floss for projects
iced tea
Saturday morning dates
projects to work on while traveling
watching snow fall
beautiful sunsets
the beach
colorful, warm quilts
So what simple things make you happy?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


When I was growing up, having a good reputation was important.  You shouldn't do anything to adversely reflect your reputation or the reputation of your family.  We were brought up to be truthful, helpful, kind, considerate, loving.  You gave up your seat for an older person, listened quietly & reverently in church or other meetings, visited with family, held doors open for others, helped wherever possible, spent time with people.  If you disagreed with something an older person said ~ you kept it to yourself.  If you said you were going to do something for someone ~ you did it.  You were dependable. The way you dressed also affected your reputation...little effort is made in that arena today.  I know these are old fashioned values & standards, but there is nothing wrong with that.

There is much in the world today & people that adversely affect my "take" on their reputation ~ good or bad.  Are you honest?  trustworthy? considerate? helpful? kind? decently clothed for the situation? respectful? friendly? selfless? humble? are you teachable?

All of these reflect on your reputation and the reputation of your family.  We should be worried or concerned with how people view us.  If something is wrong or we have given someone the wrong impression of ourselves, its our problem not theirs.  We should correct the situation, sincerely apologize when needed, take steps to correct our fault, repair the damage done, ask for forgiveness, pray the Lord gives us the strength not to fall back into bad habits.  There are many words that are said that should be unsaid ~ just because you think it, doesn't mean you should say it, text or email it.

I am thankful that my parents were concerned about these things.  Looking back, I can see they lovingly guided us through our growing up years, taught us right from wrong, expected us to behave (no, we weren't perfect), tell the truth, carry through with our commitments.

Thanks Mom!

I love you & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Eagles

Last night, while channel flipping ~ Greg found a documentary on the band "The Eagles" ~ and it was really interesting.  The guys in the band talked about their struggles, both with each other and with drugs/alcohol.  It covered why different folks left the band and about the folks that joined the band.  It was really neat to see the guys then ~ and the guys now.  And they talked quite candidly about all the events surrounding their fame.

Which made me start thinking about all the concerts I attended as a teenager at the Omni in downtown Atlanta ~ Styx (many times ~ still like them), Chicago, Beach Boys, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, The Osmond Brothers, and many more.  Good times & great memories.  A highlight of the year was the annual Toys for Tots concerts ~ Styx was in the ones I saw in 1976-1978 or 79.  They featured about 6 bands every year and most went on to become big hits.  And the tickets were cheap plus each person brought a toy to donate for needy children.

What a blast from the past!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Busy Days

We've had some really busy days lately ~

Sunday we drove home from GA and had a lovely time, listening to good teaching and just being together.  Before we left Atlanta, we made a stop by Restaurant Depot and loaded up on good things to can for our pantry provisions.

Monday, I cut up and canned 18 quarts of chicken & 3 quarts of chicken stock.  Those jars of chicken will be a great start to our chicken enchilada meals & greatly cut down on the time needed in the kitchen to fix dinners.

Tuesday, Amy peeled 25 pounds of carrots & I started cutting up and canning them.  I've got 14 quarts and 7 pints canned. I didn't get it all done yesterday, so I finished up today. We loved the carrots with our roast or just as a side vegetable with a meal.  In the afternoon, we were able to go up to the church and help sort items for the annual garage sale benefitting out Haiti mission team.  I found Greg a couple of shirts, me a shirt, Amy a few things & some baby stuff for my grandsons!  Plus its fun to help and fellowship in the process. 

Today, we are helping a friend pack up her shop in preparation of moving.  It will be a mutually beneficial agreement since she needs help and we can work for items in her store!  Bartering is a good thing!  No money exchanging hands! 

Our menus for the week have been easy so far ~

Sunday ~ leftover grilled hotdogs (we ate a huge lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way home)
Monday ~ Homemade pizzas
Tuesday ~ Fried Ham Slices, baked sweet potatoes & peas
Wed.~ chicken enchiladas
Thursday ~ Grilled Hamburgers & mashed cauliflower
Friday ~ maybe dinner at the Sams Club Deli (we have to buy stuff for Gregs food stand at the yard sale on Sat.)
Saturday ~ Taco Salads

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


In my "Where to find it in the Bible" reference book there are 86 scripture passages listed under the topic Pride.  It also points to topics ~ arrogance, conceit, vanity.

Proverbs 8:13 "To fear the Lord is to hate evil: I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech."

Proverbs 16:18-19 "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.  Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud."

Proverbs 21:23-24 "He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.  The proud and arrogant man - Mocker is his name, he behave with overweening pride."

Galatians 5:26 "Let us not become conceited (pridefilled), provoking and envying one another."

2Corinthians 10:12 "We do not dare classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves  when they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.

1Timothy 6:3-5 "If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing.  He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain."

James 4:6 "But he gives us more grace.  That is why Scripture says: 'God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.'"

1Peter 5: 5 "Young men, in the same way be submissive to those who are older.  All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

1John 2:16 "For everything in the world - the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does - comes not from the Father but from the world."

And these are just a few of the admonitions about pride.  All were taken from the NIV Bible.

Last week Greg found us a study to do together on Subtle Sins ~ pride was the first of the lessons
He found this resource on Wretched Radio (http://www.wretchedradio.com/) ~ the link to the study is
(http://www.wretchedradio.com/store/product_details.cfm?id=476) ~ Sanctification.  We did the first lesson on Pride and Humility ~ so 2 of the questions in the study were 1. Do you agree that facebook and twitter contribute to our problem with pride?  If so, explain how. 2.Can social media (like facebook and twitter) be used for Gods glory and if so, how?  Just looking back through our/your homepage on facebook can reveal a lot about how we esteem ourselves and our opinion. (No, I am not going to share our answers, we shared them with each other)

The next part of the lesson got really personal ~ evaluate how well you love others by comparing yourself against the definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13.
Love is patient and kind.
Loves does not envy or boast.
Loves is not arrogant or rude.
Love does not insist on its own way.
Love is not irritable or resentful.
Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.
Instead of the word love ~ say your own name ~ Donna is.........  Then answer "how I struggle in this area" and "how can I be more loving in this area".  When being completely honest ~ I would say I had struggles in every area but 1. 

Pride says its all about me/us, our opinions, our way of living, etc.  Humility says its all about the Lord, His works, His words, His everything.