Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Things

Todays technology is a great thing ~ we can send & receive messages almost instantly, snail mail is optional ~ we can find out almost any information we need at the touch of a button ~ a machine can wash & dry our clothes (I am waiting for the folding & putting away machines), another machine can wash, sanitize and dry our dishes, our stand mixer can mix up bread, cupcakes, cookie dough, etc. ~ the pressure washer can clean the exterior of the house, the driveway or the vehicles ~
But what about appreciating the simple things?
Many today, don't focus on things that don't beep, bling, or require electricity.
Here are some simple things I love ~
In person conversations
receiving a Card in the mail
pictures of my grandsons
cross stitching a picture
hand quilting
family get togethers
Sunday afternoons
floating in the pool
getting fresh eggs from the chickens
reading a book
morning prayers
family celebrations
setting and achieving a goal
spring flowers
tiny baby clothes for a new grandson
helping a friend
a home cooked meal
hugs & kisses
hearing "I Love You"
wandering through a quilt shop
the changing of seasons
singing in the choir at church
hand smocking a dress
colorful floss for projects
iced tea
Saturday morning dates
projects to work on while traveling
watching snow fall
beautiful sunsets
the beach
colorful, warm quilts
So what simple things make you happy?

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  1. My sons' laughs - Busy little hands - Mischievous and "Did I do that" smiles - Real words in a small voice - Curiosity - Helping hands that make the task take a little longer - Reading the Bible with my boys - The smell of my husband's aftershave - The feel of his big rough hand in my little one - The 2 and 24 year old playing on the floor - Beautiful Spring days to watch the Bluejays, Grackles, and Cardinals.


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