Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitude Monday 786-800

Multitude Monday.....

786.  easy access to my doctor

787.  a drive through pharmacy

788.  cough medicine with codeine

789.  microwave rice heating bags
790.  a comfortable couch to lounge on

791.  a family that can carry on even when I'm sick

792.  daughters that keep us from starving

793.  hours to think, pray, read and cross stitch

794. visits from the college boys

795.  being able to sleep last night

796.  finally starting to feel a tiny bit better

797.  thankful that I don't get sick often

798.  Saving about $600 $700 last month on hh expenses to put extra on our mortgage for Feb.

799.  garage cleaning

800.  seeing Greg's new wood project "come to life"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too much time to think

I, like most homeschooling moms, don't have lots of time to just sit and think.  This week, I've got bunches of time...2 whole days in fact.  Katie & Will's cold turned into Donna's upper respiratory infection.  So I got to visit the dr. yesterday, cough all over his office, get chest x-rays and walk out with 4 prescriptions.  Being Jan., we have to meet our health ins. deductibles again, so everything was very expensive.  But, the deductibles are almost met.
Here comes the too much thinking part...
there are things I don't understand like ~
why are there women in the military?
why do they want to go into battle?
why do some parents not encourage their girls to be feminine?
why do women want to "lead" men ~ at work, in church, etc.?
why do men "let" or want their wives work to buy more expensive toys (as opposed to having to work to pay the utilities & buy food)?
why are families raising little boys to be soft & spoiled?
why are young adults becoming "professional" students instead of getting a job?
why are the people who place such a high admiration on a college degree the same ones who don't use the one they have?
what happened to people saving money to purchase things they needed or wanted?
why do people think abortion is a "choice" when it involves a human life?
why does family life involve so many people going in so many different directions?
why don't people rely on the Lord and His word for their "advice"?

Just a few things I have been contemplating.  
Too much time to think, I guess.
Plus, some really strong cough syrup ~ there is a reason why they need your ID for this stuff.

Thought of another one....
What self-respecting, Biblical husband would want to be a "house husband"?  He stays home while Mom works. 

As a society, we've gotten too far away from the Biblical Vision of the home and family.  If everyone based their lives/families on the scriptures and not on society, I think we would have less divorces, less latchkey children, less playtime on the internet, etc.

We've done it every other 'bout if we give God's way a chance.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For today...

Outside my window...cold, nasty, rainy
I am thinking...of how complicated life and relationships can be

I am thankful for...listening ears that really hear what I am saying
From the learning rooms...schoolwork, Bible reading, crafting

From the kitchen...Spaghetti for dinner tonight
I am wearing...khaki shirt, maroon sweater

I am creating...working on Psalm 23 picture, finished my 2nd Christmas gift last night
I am dance for the girls; Sam's today

I am reading... "The Second Mayflower" by Kevin Swanson, finishing 2 Samuel in the Old Testament, and "The Backyard Homestead"
I am praying...about the Haiti Mission Trip this summer and for JoAnne (if you haven't been to her blog yet, click on her button on my right side bar ~ this family is experiencing Miracle after Miracle)

I am hearing...dogs, kids, cars, pages turning, fingers typing, washer running
Around the house...Cold Season is here ~ lots of Vitamin C, hot drinks, and klennex

A few plans for the rest of the week... dance classes, cooking church dinner tomorrow night, co-op class, Greg's birthday!
Pictures to share...
the Chihuahua Family...its hard to get 4 dogs to sit still
 My new pantry!
Shelves filling up with cooking utensils and food

Canning jars waiting for summertime

buckets of Wheat & Sugar ready for baking!
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Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday 761-785

The Thankfulness List continues...

761.  Little piggies going to market this week
762.  unexpected blessings

763.  weekend time with family
764.  long, cozy winter nights

765.  the Lord revealing himself through Scripture
766.  our new nightly Theology lessons with K, W, & A

767.  Daughters that can cook
768.  taking nights off from cooking so they can "practice"

769.  Fun, inside jokes
770.  dreaming of the Spring garden

771.  finished projects
772.  family taking care of business for me

773.  peacefulness about Greg's Mission Trip this summer ~ he's going to Haiti
774. our church's focus on local, national & international missions

775.  helping people
776.  smiling faces of friends on Sunday morning

777.  planning surprises
778.  my husband turns 48 this week!

779.  helpful hands
780.  listening to our dear Baby Twin Friends "sing" in church yesterday (they are 9 months old)

781.  those same little twin friends waving Hi & Bye
782.  twin baby snuggles

783.  selling another baby quilt
784.  money generating craft projects for fairs

785.  my children becoming entrepreneurs

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazing Video

The woman on this Youtube video is amazing.

Watch from beginning to end.

The Lord has blessed this woman with an amazing ability and incredible skill.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Beatitudes for the Home

Beatitude ~ 1. Blessedness; felicity of the highest kind; consummate bliss 2. The declaration of blessedness made by our Savior to particular virtues.
Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary
The Beatitudes for the home ~

Blessed are the husband and wife who continue to be affectionate and considerate, loving after the wedding bells have ceased ringing.

Blessed are the husband and wife who are as polite and courteous to one another as they are to their friends.

Blessed are they who have a sense of humor, for this attribute will be a handy shock absorber.

Blessed are they who love their mates more than any other person in the world and who joyfully fulfill their marriage vows of lifetime of fidelity and mutual helpfulness to one another.
Blessed are they who attain parenthood, for children are a heritage of the Lord.

Blessed are they who remember to thank God for their food before they partake of it, & who set apart some time each day for the reading of the Bible & for prayer.

Bless are those mates who never speak loudly to one another & who make their home a place where seldom is heard a discouraging word.

Blessed are the husband & wife who faithfully attend the worship service of the church & who work together in the church for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom.

blessed are the husband and wife who can work out problems of adjustments without interference from the relatives.

Blessed is the couple who has complete understanding about financial matters and who has worked out a perfect partnership with all money under the control of both.

Blessed are the husband & wife who humbly dedicate their lives & their home to Christ and who practice the teaching of Christ in the home by being unselfish, loyal and loving.

taken from Baptist Bulletin Service

Blessed am I, who has a Godly, loving, husband!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Word of Warning....

When you are driving out and about....make sure you have a valid drivers license, an up to date tag on your car, and valid car insurance.  One of my son's found this out the hard way last night.

State Laws are not to be fooled with.
The penalty is high...the one phone call is frantic...Mom's & Dad's worry (Granny's & the Aunt and Uncle too)

I am thankful for a helpful family.
I think the son learned a valuable lesson. (And he is fine)

This mom needs a nap! 

email Proverb we received today, I don't think this is a coincidence

Proverbs 15:24
The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.
You have made and will make many decisions today. Each one either directs your life upward toward favor with God now and later, or toward destruction now and an eternity in hell. Wise men make decisions carefully with the earthly and eternal consequences in mind in order to avoid trouble and God’s displeasure and to find His favor and blessing.
The choices men make each day determine the success or failure of their lives in this world and in the one to come. Most are too proud to consider their ways, for they assume they are right. Others are too lazy, so they continue playing with their toys. Some do not care, blind to the consequences. Others follow the majority. Some follow their hearts.
But all these criteria for decision-making in life are foolish! Pride will certainly bring pain and trouble (16:18; 18:12). Slothfulness is the mark of a fool (18:1-2). Carelessness also marks fools (1:22; 17:16). The majority is always wrong (Eph 2:1-3; Matt 7:13-14; Ex 23:2). Above all else, do not follow your heart (14:12; 16:25; Jer 17:9).
Consider your ways! Examine yourself! Beg God to help you (Ps 139:23-24). How do you choose and decide what to do and what not to do? Is the word of God your guide? Or do you follow your feelings, the fads of the world, or some other foolish influence? A wise man does not let life happen to him, he directs himself upward toward God and life.
Do not lie against the truth! Do not glory in your choices, just because you have followed them for a long time! If you are living contrary to God’s word, you are following earthly, sensual, and devilish wisdom (Jas 3:14-16). It will lead to your confusion and every evil work now, and it will result in facing an angry God in the Day of Judgment.
Do not sacrifice your future on the altar of the present by forgetting or neglecting to examine your choices and decisions. Wisdom is the power of right judgment – the ability to know what to do in any given situation, and you can grow mightily in such wisdom through fearing God, reading His word, and prayer (1:7; 9:10; Ps 19:7; Jas 1:5).
Christian reader, it is your privilege and duty to set your mind on heavenly things, rather than on the earthly things of this short life (Col 3:1-4; Rom 8:4-8). The consequences are great. Spiritual thinking leads to life; worldly thinking leads to death. Instead of being a belly worshiper, follow the Spirit of God and move upward (Rom 8:9-13; Phil 3:17-20).

I pray all of my boys will make wise, God honoring decisions in their lives.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A couple of months ago, I ran across a blog called "The Simple Wife".  I've been an off and on visitor to Joanne's blog for a while but not reading it daily.  Her button is now on my sidebar...

A couple of days ago, I clicked on there and read a post by her husband...then I started going backwards to get the story...

This young woman (38 years old) has suffered a massive stroke.  Because of the severe swelling in her head, they've had to do surgery and remove part (or all) of her skull.

The family is asking for prayer.  And asking everyone to put this button on their blogs to "find" more prayer warriors.

This doesn't look good.  Her coma is medically induced now to stop brain activity so it can recover from the swelling.

Won't you join me in praying for this woman and her family?


For today...

Outside my window... foggy and cool

I am thinking...about difficult situations and how to handle them

I am thankful for...a husband who listens

From the learning rooms...Algebra, Language, Spanish, lots of reading

From the kitchen...Chicken Pot Pie

I am wearing...denim skirt, knit shirt, slip on tennies

I am creating...same as last week: working on 23rd Psalm Cross stitch, finishing a scarf, and learning to use my Serger

I am continue to give the Lord my worries and concerns 

I am reading...1st Samuel in the Bible, & "The Second Mayflower" by Kevin Swanson

I am hoping praying...for clarity & guidance

I am drive, fingers typing, the heat coming on

Around the puppies, working on the pantry, completing a grocery list, loving my family

A few plans for the rest of the week...Bible Study, dance classes for the girls, our co-op is starting back, sewing class

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Friday, January 14, 2011

How did all that Valuable Stuff fit in there?

OK, I've been asked this question a couple of times, so I will attempt to answer it...

All the 5 gallon buckets were under the shelves and into the floor.  They are filled with hard wheat, soft wheat, and sugar.  Now we have added one for dog food.  They will all go back in the new pantry.  I can stack multiple buckets of the same item on top of each other ~ 3 tall.  I am trying to have 1 bucket of each item fitted with a gamma seal, which will just twist off.  Then I don't have to get out the pry bar and hammer to try and open the dumb buckets.

The gallon paint cans will be emptied into quart size jars, one for each color.  Then we have touch-up paint for each room.  There is a whole gallon of blue, so it will either be the new pantry color or the new backporch color.  The ceiling white paint and the kitchen cabinet paint will most likely stay in the cans..  The paint will most likely find a new home in the Cabana Greg's workshop.  

When the weather is warmer (like next week), the kids and I will clean out the rubbermaid shed and put the car cleaning, yard tools, etc. in there.  And who knew that 50+ cans of spray paint lived in there?

There will be a "home" for the heavy duty extension cords in the pantry, because they are used frequently.

The cases of water, gatorade and canning jars will have a home back in the pantry.  We are trying to buy more food in bulk and that will go in there too.

We have thrown away lots of junk.  We took the wood shelves down, the kids carefully pounded the nails flat and stacked it by the road ~ someone came and retrieved it.  Maybe they have a use for the 3 feet on each end of the bowed middle. 

For the most part...this will be my room.  No one will be allowed to open the door and just stick something in there.  Weedeaters, hedge trimmers, and various car parts will be banned.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Birth of a New Pantry Storage Area

We've decided that a new home is not in our future...unless we win the lottery or some long lost relative leaves us a ton of money.  But we never buy lottery tickets and know where most of our relatives are, so that pretty much leaves out those options.  Of course, I guess we could find that tree that grows money ~ gotta keep our eyes open.

So, we have decided to start on projects we've dreamed about.

A negative aspect of Miss. is houses don't have basements so storage is scarce.

We've got this utility room off the garage that has been stuffed full of "valuables".  The shelves were bowing under the weight of the "valuables" and some "junk" regularly manages to find its way in there.  We have been cleaning out, destroying old wood shelves, sweeping, caulking holes, more sweeping and sanding the caulked areas.

The only thing left in the room is the hot water heater.  Plus a piece or 2 of pegboard.
After it is painted, has floor tile, and has nice, new metal shelves ~ it will be my pantry.  We thought about cutting a hole in the wall to walk from the laundry room right to the pantry, but then we're talking major demolition and mess, this way is quicker.
Greg is going to take down the door and rehang it, so that it opens out instead of into the room.

There will be plenty of  "organized" room for my wheat buckets, bulk food purchases, canning jars, etc.  Plus on the top of the shelves we can store my big turkey roaster, our large wok, the pressure canner, ice cream freezer, etc.

Friday night, Greg, Will and I are going to Lowe's to look at shelves and flooring (the girls are going to a b'day party).  I'll post more pictures when its done.  

Here's what came out of the room...

(just the stuff stacked up...not the furniture!)

Then onto the next item on the list.........

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pondering a Situation

I've been silently pondering a possible situation or scenario lately.  Actually, I have been pondering this for about 6 months.  I really don't want to be an alarmist and actually have this really weird ability to be calm in the face of a dire situation ~ ask Katie!  (long story!)

But, nevertheless, I think many people would absolutely be panic stricken if this came to pass.  What if we woke up tomorrow and our money wasn't worth the paper it was printed on?  What would everyone do?  Could your family survive more than a couple of days on the food in your house?  What if the stores were wiped out and you couldn't buy more food?  I've read on preparedness sites that the stores would run out of food in about 7 days.  Actually, I think 7 days is generous.  If everyone in my neighborhood hit Kroger and Piggly Wiggly, the shelves would be bare!

This scenario happens somewhere in the world every single year ~ usually more than once a year.  Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, ice or snow storms ~ the stores are cleaned out.  Here in the South you mention the word Snow and more people are buying bread, milk and other stuff that never set foot in the grocery any other time.  

I was talking to my Mom today and she was telling me about folks she saw on the news that were walking to the grocery store because they ran out of food.  It snowed there on Sunday night and this is only Wed.  They made it 2 1/2 days.  What is unusual about this storm is that its still on the ground and causing terrible problems.  The temps are getting in the teens at night and only 32 degrees during the day, so nothing is melting.  

So, maybe everyone should turn their minds to planning "a little at a time" for the future ~ just in case.  We could make it for a while ~ the variety may dwindle but we wouldn't starve.  Even buying a couple of extra cans of vegies every week, or a box of powdered milk, or bags of rice would go a long way toward feeding your family.

Other suggestions...

You need to have some cash on hand ~ what if the teller machines don't work? 

Can you cook with no power ~ fireplace or gas/charcoal grill?

Do you have some easy food to prepare ~ thats not totally junk food?

Do you have a way to stay warm with no power?

Can your family entertain itself with no Wii, Nintendo, TV, etc?

If you can't go to the grocery store this week ~ can your family eat till the end of next week?

Plant a garden!

Can or freeze your extra produce!

Buy a couple of extra cans or packages of food your family likes and put aside for emergencies.  (buying a little at a time is more budget friendly)

How about having batteries of different sizes in a central location for flashlights!

Got any candles you can use?

Proverbs 31: 14
She is like the merchant ships and brings her food from afar.

Proverbs 31: 16
She considers a field and buys it; from her profits she plants a vineyard.

Proverbs 31: 27
She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daybook 1-11-11

For today....

Outside my window... its sunny but 41 degrees, so its cold

I am thinking... that last week was a long, long time ago

I am thankful for... long, lazy days with my husband

From the learning rooms... school has started back!  We are ready to be back in our routine.

From the kitchen... chicken & dumplings, peas

I am wearing... denim skirt, blue knit shirt, slip on tennies

I am creating...  a scarf for a Christmas gift next year (gettin' started early) and working on my 23rd Psalm cross stitch Greg gave me for Christmas

I am going...  to work on simplifying my life and schedule
I am reading...  the Bible, and different books I got as gifts

I am lost because I can't find the rest of my notes on Daybook!  (Just being honest!) So I will try to "wing it" the rest of the way.

For the rest of the week... dance classes, Bible Study at church, homeschool meeting

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Multitude Monday 746-760 in pictures!

746.  my 5 year old, red headed nephew

747.  Cousins ~ Amy, Bethany, Katie

748. Our "home away from home" cruise ship cabin

749.  my best friend ~ relaxin' & readin"

750.  towel animals

751.  fishing at Freeport, Bahamas ~ & catching 2 fish!

752.  Spending time with Greg

753. Sunshine on calm water

754.  beautiful flowers and foliage in January

755.  Greg fishing off the back of the boat ~ he's always wanted the opportunity!

756.  Beautiful vintage planes flying over the ship

757.  Witnessing the Lord's beautiful workmanship and splendour!  What a spectacular sunset in Key West!

758.  Serenity

759.  longs hours of peacefulness with my sweetheart

760.  knowing my children were having fun with their Granny

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!

What a super, fantastic, fun, relaxing, enjoyable time with my best friend/husband!  The weather in the Bahamas and Key West was fantastic.  Short sleeves, light weight skirts, sandals fantastic!  I could not have been more perfect.

We slept late, ate leisurely, had our own schedule (except for the 2 excursions), read books, sat in comfy chairs surrounded by the "blue haired" ladies on the Serenity Deck (no kids allowed), drank lots of water and tea,  talked, dreamed, and loved every minute of our time!  We went to 2 comedy G rated shows that were really good.  I got to crochet and cross stitch.

I never fixed a meal, made a bed, did laundry, or cleaned a room.  Thats a vacation!

I did miss my kids!

I caught 2 fish on our fishing excursion.  We were out about 4 miles from Freeport and fished off a coral reef.  That was fun.  Both fish were croakers (they call them grunts down there), a beautiful yellow body with blue stripes.  I have never been fishing where I was told to reel in the fish quickly so a shark doesn't get it.  One guy caught a barracuda ~ ugly, deadly fish.  Another guy caught a huge mackeral, gorgeous red color.  It was fun!

We did a great Conch Train Tour of Key West.  Lots of history and beautiful houses.  Then Greg and I split a yummy piece of Key Lime Pie.  I bought bottles of Key Lime Juice for Mom and I.  

We drove back to Mom's today from Charleston and will drive home to Miss. tomorrow.

I will post some pictures next week.

I saw one gal on the cruise that knew how to wear a bikini.  That girl was stylin' and she was a!  She was about 15 months old and the bikini bottom had ruffles all the way around
  Everyone else should have covered up...if your body has more rolls than a bakery, don't share with the world ~ it ain't cute.  'Nuff said!