Friday, January 7, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!

What a super, fantastic, fun, relaxing, enjoyable time with my best friend/husband!  The weather in the Bahamas and Key West was fantastic.  Short sleeves, light weight skirts, sandals fantastic!  I could not have been more perfect.

We slept late, ate leisurely, had our own schedule (except for the 2 excursions), read books, sat in comfy chairs surrounded by the "blue haired" ladies on the Serenity Deck (no kids allowed), drank lots of water and tea,  talked, dreamed, and loved every minute of our time!  We went to 2 comedy G rated shows that were really good.  I got to crochet and cross stitch.

I never fixed a meal, made a bed, did laundry, or cleaned a room.  Thats a vacation!

I did miss my kids!

I caught 2 fish on our fishing excursion.  We were out about 4 miles from Freeport and fished off a coral reef.  That was fun.  Both fish were croakers (they call them grunts down there), a beautiful yellow body with blue stripes.  I have never been fishing where I was told to reel in the fish quickly so a shark doesn't get it.  One guy caught a barracuda ~ ugly, deadly fish.  Another guy caught a huge mackeral, gorgeous red color.  It was fun!

We did a great Conch Train Tour of Key West.  Lots of history and beautiful houses.  Then Greg and I split a yummy piece of Key Lime Pie.  I bought bottles of Key Lime Juice for Mom and I.  

We drove back to Mom's today from Charleston and will drive home to Miss. tomorrow.

I will post some pictures next week.

I saw one gal on the cruise that knew how to wear a bikini.  That girl was stylin' and she was a!  She was about 15 months old and the bikini bottom had ruffles all the way around
  Everyone else should have covered up...if your body has more rolls than a bakery, don't share with the world ~ it ain't cute.  'Nuff said!


  1. welcome back. glad you had a relaxing time.

  2. Welcome back to dry land, just in time to come home to some real winter weather ... so they say. Glad y'all had a great trip!

    Y'all be safe driving home ... I'm looking forward to getting everyone back together for our "normal" routines soon!

  3. Oh, it sounds like so much fun! Glad you relaxed and enjoyed all of it - except for maybe some of the bikinis!

    Hurry up and come home!

  4. Oh, I was actually hoping being Jan. you would miss the bikini's. We went in March and they were everywhere. It's just ridiculous.
    I am glad you had such a good time!!!


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