Thursday, June 29, 2017

Where did the Babies Go?

My Grandsons aren't babies anymore ~

Thankful for ~


Monday, June 26, 2017

Life is Happening

Life is rushing along at a fast pace.  The long cozy winter days are long over and the summer busyness is setting in. 

The garden is doing great.  I've got loads of squash, lots of green tomatoes, and quite a few meals worth of green beans.  I have canned 2 canner loads of squash and one of green beans.  I would love more beans but may have to find a farmers market to buy them at and can them.  It would be a blessing to have enough to last the winter.  One of our fruit trees has 14 granny smith apples on it and Amy is excited ~ those are her favorite.  We are getting some cucumbers too, so I will get to make relish this year!

Moms health had a slight set back a couple of weeks ago and she experienced a moderate stroke.  3 1/2 days in icu isn't a fun place to be.  For the most part she had great nurses ~ there were a couple that needed to work on their bedside manner.  She was really blessed in that it mainly affected the strength in her left arm and hand.  It could have been so much worse.

Miss Amy is starting to look for another car.  She is getting tired of no air conditioning and the power locks don't work on the doors.  She and Greg are combing Craigs List looking for something.  She would like something of the used Jeep something or other variety.  We will see what comes of that.

About a month ago we bought something we have wanted for a long time....a boat.  Its used and in pretty good shape.  There is some cosmetic work to be done but nothing major.  We've taken it out twice and had a lot of fun.  We grew up boating and skiing and wanted to at least enjoy the boating part again. 

I've got several pretty detailed lists going for the wedding.  We are working on completing the reception details with food, condiments, treats, paper goods, and manpower.  We are hoping that 2 of Amys co workers at Chick Fil A will come work for us that day and help with set up and serving all the food.  We've looked at plates, flatware, napkins and invitations and those are all on the list to be bought next month.  Its getting to be time to focus on the guest list and get those invites together.  She has 2 bridal showers coming up and this mama is getting apprehensive and excited about all the excitement.  I made her veil last week.  I used Katies wedding hair bow for the top of the veil and the lace on the layers is from my wedding gown 35 years ago.  The tulle was given to my sister at a garage was a bolt that had never been used ~ now what to do with the other 23 yards left!  I also have a full bolt of light pink! 

There have been several work days at Amy's house and the current project is painting the inside.  Then to 2 rooms that are carpeted will have the carpet ripped out and replaced with laminate flooring.  The previous owners were smokers and its evident in the smokey smell when the door is opened. 

We've had some awesome playdates with our grandsons.  They are at such fun ages.  Saturday, all 4 were together for most of the day.  We started the day at an indoor play place with lots of climbing and sliding and having fun.  Then lunch at McDonalds.  Everyone was ready for a nap.  After naptime, Aiden came over and they all played again for a couple of hours in my sunroom/playroom.  Kitchen toys, cars and trucks, legos and Lincoln logs, and a small inflatable ball pit kept them entertained.  Aiden and Alvin got up their courage and decided to ride on the rocking horse....and loved it.  Most of the toys in the room were my kids when they were little...the rocking horse was from Gregs childhood.  There are a few new things in there....the little kitchen, little tractors, additional set of Lincoln logs, and books.  Several months ago, Allen and Jennifer cleaned out Aidens playroom and they gave me the ball pit.  Aiden never missed it.  Sat. Greg blew it up ~ Aiden walked out to the playroom and exclaimed "look a ball pit"...never realizing it was his former one.  He had a blast playing in it! 

I've got pictures but those are for another day.  Its time for dinner & then cross stitch till bed time!

Thankful for ~
family fun
4 grandsons ~ happy, healthy, energetic, funny, enthusiastic, loving
modern healthcare and medicine
a thriving garden
Mason jars containing canned vegies!
the blessing of church fellowship & prayer
long, productive days

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Last week we drove to MS to visit with Austin and his family.  I have known his mama about 5 years before him and Amy ever met.  Its fun to visit with them.  This weekend was no exception.  We ate at some awesome little places and went to the Blueberry Jubilee.

Friday we went to eat lunch at a diner (looks like it took over an old 7-11).  The owner greeted us at the door and everyone got a huge hug.  Billy Kent had met her before and he introduced us all her to.  She was talking about all the items on the buffet and told us not to let Austin have any rutabagas....they are supposed to be a natural Viagra.  We got a huge kick out of that news!  I had never had any and I tried them....really good.  The buffet that day was chicken n dumplings (Amy loved them), roast & gravy, fried chicken, loads of homestyle vegetables.  This stuff is not canned and reheated....its fresh!  The owner, Candi knows everyone and treats them like family.  She asked a guy to sing and he didn't...Tammy volunteered Austin ~ and he did a great job with Amazing Grace.  Everyone stopped eating to listen and a few joined in also.  Right after we sat down, Candi came to our table, joined hands with us to pray.  This is a special lady!  After our amazing lunch, I went to find her and she was in the kitchen washing dishes.  I got to thank her for her hospitality and give her a hug.  That is one place I will visit again.

Then we went junk/antique shopping.  The first 2 places were just ok...the last 2 were fantastic!  I found 2 pieces of Fire King that had a rooster on the front and bought them.  Amy found a set of pyrex antique bowls ~ ok she found way more than one set, but just got one.  At the 2nd one, I found mom a Corning Ware teapot with a lid.....her lid had broken.  We had way too much fun in these places.  I think I can safely say those last 2 shops are where pyrex and corning ware go to find a new home. 

Saturday we ate breakfast ~ wonderful ham and cheese omelet on the way to the Bluebeerry Jubiliee.  Lots of interesting things to look at, a car show, and more shops.  We hit one that was selling out her inventory and ready to bargain.  I got some cool things there and so did Tammy and Amy~

Austin was part of the afternoon singing line up so we stated this the to watch him.  He did a  great~

Sunday morning was church, then lunch and the long trip home. 

Thankful for ~

bargains and bargaining
the colorful dishes of yesteryear
friendly faces and folks'
good visits
great country cooking

Someone asked me about the wedding ~ I said it was 6 months away....and then I astarted counting ~ 4 months....yikes, that's not long!

Believe it or not ~
I didn't take my camera so I hav not pircutes to share!

Monday, June 5, 2017


We are doing a study of theology on Wednesday nights in church, using the Drive By Theology series by Todd Friel and Steve Lawson (Wretched TV).  It is a great, fast paced, study of Biblical Theology with tons of scripture references to back up their assertions.

Which makes me think (a lot) ~

*Do we do everything for God's glory or ourselves?
*Do we go to church to worship or socialize (sometimes both)?
*Do we add things to worship styles that were never intended or mandated in the Bible?  Are our preferences more important than Scripture?
*Do we place more emphasis on translations or focus on God's word? (and yes, there are some bad translations ~ but not all)
*Do we take the Bible literally or figuratively?
*Do we believe the retelling of Biblical accounts or think they are just stories?
*Do we believe everything the Bible testifies about the trinity?
*Do we love others more than ourselves?
* Do we give of our time, talents and resources to aid in furthering the Lords kingdom?
*Do we know that "His Will, will be done at all times, in all situations" no matter what we do ~ we can't thwart the Will of God.
*Do we trust Him with every aspect of our lives? With our childrens lives?
*Do we come across as humble, loving believers to others?  Or are our opinions more important than Biblical truth?
*Do we study the Bible during the week or just pull it out for an hour on Sunday morning?
*Do we realize the Christian life is our whole life ~ private, public, on Sunday, etc. We can't turn on and off being a Christian.
*Do our actions, language, mannerisms, lifestyle reflect that of a follower of Christ?
*Do we realize that the Bible says what it means and means what it says ~ we can't change the meaning of the Bible because we feel like it or because of political correctness.
*Do we realize that while God is a good, gracious, forgiving, and loving Heavenly Father, he also has an avenging, wrathful, sever side.
*Do we realize that God is everywhere, all the time ~ He always has been, always is, and always will be.
*Do we realize that God is truth ~ and anything that contradicts the Word of God is not from God.
*Are we thankful and humbled to have knowledge revealed to us from reading the Scriptures?

I am thankful for ~
a Biblical translation that is accurate & easy to read
for wonderful teachers/pastors/speakers who bring us the truth not their opinions & preferences
for a fellowship of like-minded believers
the comfort of knowing the Lord is in control and nothing catches Him by surprise
for the forgiveness of past mistakes
for accountability with believers
for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for His elect
for the glimpses of the eternal Christ throughout the Old Testament