Monday, June 5, 2017


We are doing a study of theology on Wednesday nights in church, using the Drive By Theology series by Todd Friel and Steve Lawson (Wretched TV).  It is a great, fast paced, study of Biblical Theology with tons of scripture references to back up their assertions.

Which makes me think (a lot) ~

*Do we do everything for God's glory or ourselves?
*Do we go to church to worship or socialize (sometimes both)?
*Do we add things to worship styles that were never intended or mandated in the Bible?  Are our preferences more important than Scripture?
*Do we place more emphasis on translations or focus on God's word? (and yes, there are some bad translations ~ but not all)
*Do we take the Bible literally or figuratively?
*Do we believe the retelling of Biblical accounts or think they are just stories?
*Do we believe everything the Bible testifies about the trinity?
*Do we love others more than ourselves?
* Do we give of our time, talents and resources to aid in furthering the Lords kingdom?
*Do we know that "His Will, will be done at all times, in all situations" no matter what we do ~ we can't thwart the Will of God.
*Do we trust Him with every aspect of our lives? With our childrens lives?
*Do we come across as humble, loving believers to others?  Or are our opinions more important than Biblical truth?
*Do we study the Bible during the week or just pull it out for an hour on Sunday morning?
*Do we realize the Christian life is our whole life ~ private, public, on Sunday, etc. We can't turn on and off being a Christian.
*Do our actions, language, mannerisms, lifestyle reflect that of a follower of Christ?
*Do we realize that the Bible says what it means and means what it says ~ we can't change the meaning of the Bible because we feel like it or because of political correctness.
*Do we realize that while God is a good, gracious, forgiving, and loving Heavenly Father, he also has an avenging, wrathful, sever side.
*Do we realize that God is everywhere, all the time ~ He always has been, always is, and always will be.
*Do we realize that God is truth ~ and anything that contradicts the Word of God is not from God.
*Are we thankful and humbled to have knowledge revealed to us from reading the Scriptures?

I am thankful for ~
a Biblical translation that is accurate & easy to read
for wonderful teachers/pastors/speakers who bring us the truth not their opinions & preferences
for a fellowship of like-minded believers
the comfort of knowing the Lord is in control and nothing catches Him by surprise
for the forgiveness of past mistakes
for accountability with believers
for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for His elect
for the glimpses of the eternal Christ throughout the Old Testament

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