Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Blessed Beyond Words

I have been greatly blessed by family and friends while I recouperate.

We had 3 weeks of delicious meals delivered to our home for dinner ~ by mom, my sister, and our church family.

Greg, Will and Amy did loads of extra stuff ~ while I just sat on the couch. Grocery shopping, errand running, laundry,cleaning, and cooking.  Amy came one day and took down the holiday decorations, packed it all up and Will hauled it to the basement.

I've had loads of messages on facebook, email and Instagram praying for me and encouraging me.

A church friend came twice to spend the afternoon and brought lunch both times.

And thanks to the willingness of Amy, Katie, Jennifer and Mom ~ we had a birthday party for Greg the end of Jan.  They did everything ~ cooking, cleaning up, etc.

So here is the update ~

I am getting out some ~ but super paranoid about germs ~ carts, handles, people coughing, etc.
My energy is coming back, I am not fast but I can walk around a store.
I have taken back over cooking duties and laundry detail.
I have been off oxygen for 12 days ~ that is awesome!

Accomplishments ~

I have found loads of pins on pinterest for my instapot.
I cross stitched 6 ornaments for Amy and Austin for Christmas 2018.
Our new bible study at church starts tomorrow night ~ I am on week 3 in the book.
Have crocheted some dishcloths using the scrubby yarn from JoAnns.
Have sewed a tablerunner, and 3 quilt tops for our local Pregnancy Resource center.
Have quilted a bunch of sets of potholders.( I  was so excited to sew again)
Greg and I bought the tv series JAG and we have been watching it at night.

Thankful for ~

the blessings of friends and family
returning health
fabric scraps
my personal shoppers
my husbands care
answered prayers
laughter and mischevious-ness of my grandsons