Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RV Trivia

Longest trip we've been on - 2 1/2 weeks on our western adventure

Most unusual place we have camped - on the strip in Vegas, there was a KOA in a hotel parking lot.

Scariest ride in the rv - taking Old Route 66 to a "ghost town" out west - no road maintenance in decades, hairpin curves, and no guard rails.  Lots of parting going on that day! 2nd scariest would be the same trip, but through an expressway shutting down Dust storm.

Wondering if we could get through there ride - that would be driving the rv through Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains.  We made it fine!

Hottest place we've camped - Oklahoma on our mission trip

Most uncomfortable night or nights - running out of propane in the middle of the night in TN.  We were freezing and so were the water pipes - they all busted!

Most redneck place - Atlanta Motor Speedway - I wasn't there but heard the stories.

Place we want to camp again - Fort Wilderness at Disney.

New places we want to go - Yellowstone, Sanibel island, Hilton Head (they have  two rv parks!), Maine, wind through Kentucky.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RV Redo

Several years ago we bought an RV ~ used.  We've taken it out West, to the Outer Banks, to Disney World, to the mountains, on a Mission Trip to Oklahoma, and to the MS coast.  Its even been to a Nascar race.

We noticed that the "skin" on the outside was coming loose ~ that got the redo ball rolling.  The window on the inside of the bedroom part had a leak ~ most likely the water leaking caused the skin to pull apart, and the wood to rot inside the structure.  Greg pulled the inside of the wall apart to replace the rotten pieces, is caulking it inside and out, and has screwed the skin back to the rv side and into the new wood. 

We pulled up the nasty carpet in the bedroom and the bathroom (WHO ever thought carpet in a bathroom was a good idea?).  The bathroom will be just stick on vinyl tile ~ easy to keep clean, and we are talking about a very tiny space, calling it a room is generous.  The bedroom flooring is still up for a decision.  We thought about the vinyl tile that looks like wood ~ but that is about 3 x more expensive that the manufactured wood flooring that we put down in our bedroom. 

The walls are getting a nice coat of paint ~ yes, over the wallpaper.  Read how to do it on Pinterest (duh!).  I've got a new quilt ready for the bed and enough fabric to recover the valances.  The blinds were shot in there and I think we are going to replace with just the simple pull down blinds from Walmart.

Oh, the "theme" is going to be beachy.  Neutral floor and walls & then fun accents and accessories ~ many of which we already have.  We have rejected the idea of the floor covering being Sand ~ yuck!

And we are planning some trips.  Greg wants to do some Nascar races.  Several are within a days driving of our home ~ Texas, Talledega, and Atlanta. He would also love to drive up through Kentucky in the fall ~ won't happen this year but maybe next.

Our RV's name is Buddy.  Appropriately named since we went with our buddies camping.  One buddy has gotten married and moved away, and our other 2 are now working.  Greg and I may be each others buddy on many trips ~~~~~ we've never done this alone. 

A new adventure!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Cross Stitch Patterns from Pinterest


I will NEVER have enough time to cross stitch all that I find ~ but that fact doesn't keep me from looking and pinning hoarding patterns ~

Cross me not- free cross stitch patterns
I want to do this as an ornament in seed beads!


Some day!
This will be Greg and I one day ~ probably sooner than I am ready for!

10487249_10203431912270049_1586752365875862092_n.jpg (536×720)
cool patterns for my grandsons!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some of our Glass Projects

We've got lots of goodies at our fingertips, by working at a ceramics shop.  There are too many cool things that we all like (Greg included) ~ and other things we really don't want anything to do with.  Some things are just "in bad taste" and we wonder why the mold was ever invented...but it was and whether we like it or not, we have to do our job.

"IF" we ever had our own shop, we would do some things differently.  We are learning a lot by doing, listening and observing.

Here are some of our projects ~ there are a lot more but since they are Christmas gifts, I can't show you right now! 

The first 3 pictures are from a Glass Class that Greg, Amy, and I did last Saturday.  We learned how to cut the glass and arrange them all, then fire in the kiln.

Greg's tile

My tile

Amy's tile

My ceramic washboard, it was stained and then antiqued

my basket ~ I love the way certain paints will pool in the crevices of pieces and change color!

My barrel pencil holder ~ would have been a mug but the handle fell off.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Prayer for Dealing With Others

"As a rake combs the soil, God, smooth the surface of my interactions with others.  Help me to be friendly, to inspire confidence, to find the things we have in common.  Show me how to seek the good in others, to refrain from criticism, to offer praise and gratitude.  Teach me to be fair in my dealings, calm in disagreement, ready to compromise, and quick to apologize.  Give me good humor to level the rough spots, and prepare my ground for fruitful relationships.  Amen."

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, even as Christ God forgave you.
Ephesians 4:32

Taken from "In the Garden"  page 11

Pictures taken at Callaway Gardens in GA ~ spring 2008.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm A Blogger Slacker!

My "free" time is more limited now!  I have the mornings free and then go to the Ceramics Shop to work, sometimes till 7 or later.  I am learning a lot and am enjoying making some money.  After taxes come out ~ its our "fun" money.  Right now, its going towards our next mission trip!  It also doesn't help that I usually leave my laptop at work from working on the inventory and its just too hard to blog on the Kindle ~ I did try this morning.

Last Thursday we made our annual trip to the State Fair!  We were thrilled with the results.  I do wish they would tell you ~ critique you- on items you got less than a blue on.  I did get 4 red and 1 white but the rest were blue.  Amy only got one red and the rest blue.  Its exciting to see the ribbons hanging on our work every year!  And we've already started for next year.  Angel did great for her first time and her 4 kiddoes were thrilled with their ribbons also!  This enthusiasm is what keeps us going!

Amy decided to apply at Chick Fil A for a job ~ she had 3 interviews ~ and today found out she got it!  Excitement in the house!  She starts on Monday ~ her first training will be in food prep....right up her alley!

So here ya go Angel ~ a blog post! 

Here are some funnies from pinterest ~

So true...Haha  so true!!Like and Repin if you agree!!!!