Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some of our Glass Projects

We've got lots of goodies at our fingertips, by working at a ceramics shop.  There are too many cool things that we all like (Greg included) ~ and other things we really don't want anything to do with.  Some things are just "in bad taste" and we wonder why the mold was ever invented...but it was and whether we like it or not, we have to do our job.

"IF" we ever had our own shop, we would do some things differently.  We are learning a lot by doing, listening and observing.

Here are some of our projects ~ there are a lot more but since they are Christmas gifts, I can't show you right now! 

The first 3 pictures are from a Glass Class that Greg, Amy, and I did last Saturday.  We learned how to cut the glass and arrange them all, then fire in the kiln.

Greg's tile

My tile

Amy's tile

My ceramic washboard, it was stained and then antiqued

my basket ~ I love the way certain paints will pool in the crevices of pieces and change color!

My barrel pencil holder ~ would have been a mug but the handle fell off.

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