Thursday, January 11, 2018

Things to Do while you Recouperate

Low key things to do during recouperation -

crochet a dishcloth
easy cross stitch project
search pinterest
look for recipes (I got an instapot)
sort old magazines
play games on kindle
study Bible (currently in Psalms)
set up planner with family's birthdays and anniversaries
watch tv
visit when people come

I would love to be up and actually doing instead of planning.  But that's not possible right now.  I can get up, get dressed, walk around a little, and then I want a nap.  This weakness is not something I am used to.

Thankful for ~

unstressful recoup time
lots of stuff to stay busy when I have energy
sweet texts and emails from friends
the blessing of meals delivered from church members and family
leftovers for lunches for us all
my husbands care ~ day and night
recovering tastebuds

Friday, January 5, 2018

When God has other Plans

My December can be described in one word ~ SICK.   I started out the month with a UTI ~ first I've had in 20 or so years. Then I got bronchitis, throat and ear infection.  Finished those antibiotics and had a relapse, got more.

  Heres where it gets scary.  Sat. the 23, I had no energy.....none, I couldn't wake up and felt awful.  Greg took me to the emergency room.  Turns out my sinusy stuff turned into pneumonia, the flu, sepsis, and throw in staph for good measure.  I didn't even know what sepsis was. Everytime they ran a new test, it came back positive.  At this point people are suiting up to come into my room.

Being told I was being admitted was just "ok". I didn't really all.  I still don't really care that I missed Christmas.

It did occur to me that maybe "this was it".  Maybe I  was going to meet my Savior. I do remember praying and asking the Lord to leave me on this earth a little longer.  I don't mean to be too morbid....but this did happen.  No bright lights, no visions, no angels ~

I could not stop coughing.  For hours.  I did breathing treatments, took super strong cough syrup, was very dehydrated, and was/is on oxygen.  After a couple of days, they moved me to PCU.

I was there till New Years Day.  Everything had settled in my lungs.  Both of them, in all the lobes.  The word Cancer was even batted about by doctors ~ an oncologist was called, more tests ordered, and Praise the Lord, that was not the case.

I have been on up to 10 antibiotic in the hospital. Lots of steroids,  iv fluids, etc.  And that shot they give you in the tummy to avoid blood clots. My arms are beginning to recover from all the needles, but I bruise pretty easily. And an iv in the back of your hand is very painful.

Food held no appeal for days.  I lived on iv fluids, apple juice and apple sauce.  And water.  Everything still tastes weird.

I had some awesome hospital staff.  My nurses were amazing, helpful and kind.  I had one dr., 1 lab tech and one nurse that I didn't like.  Thankfully, I only saw each of them once,

Things I learned ~ stick up for yourself, you can refuse medication (the breathing treatments made me jumpy and nervous ~ they found a different one and then stopped them altogether)/  I could not sleep in the bed.  I coughed continuously, I slept in a reclining chair the remainder of the time and that's where I am at home.

My family and friends have been amazing.  The facebooks msg., texts, emails, phone calls, visits etc. were great...even though I was out of it. Greg stayed almost every night....such a huge help and blessing to me.

Thankful for ~

being here
the hands that serve in the hospital
road to recovery
being more alert