Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Babies & Bubbles & Balls

Cousin Mallory getting in on the bubble fun!
Thomas got the ball!

Robert & Thomas

I've been looking for an easy to use bubble gun to blow bubbles for my little grand buddies.  Because, quite frankly...I can get really dizzy blowing them the old fashioned way!  I found a cute gun at JoAnns for $5.99 and then got 2 hge bottles of bubbles for $2.50 each ~ $10 for lots of grins, laughter and bubble chasing!  The top pictures were taken by cousin Sarah at the Lake in Virginia ~ I got these from her facebook post. 

Aiden & Uncle James


Monday, July 20, 2015


We have a lot to be thankful for...everyday!

Being closer to our grandsons!  All 3 within 2 hours instead of 8 hours!

Jobs for James, Amy & Will (James starts with Caterpillar today!)

After 3 weeks of mostly off air conditioning ~ they are installing a new system today!

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day ~ last night with our annual Family "eat ice cream for dinner"

Hanging Pictures on the walls in our new house

Moving the bunnies to the Farm, yesterday

Granny taking care of the bunnies for much longer than we ever anticipated

Cooking on the Grill

Picking blueberries and pears on the Farm

My new double oven ~ and we ended up paying about $700 less than the advertised price because it was a floor model and had a crack in the plastic trim

Chickens nearing egg laying stage

Finding stuff for the consignment sale next month

Finding homes for all of our treasures


a friendship turning more serious ~

Amy & Austin on Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Can't Even Imagine

21 years ago, my daddy died after a very short (6 months) battle with lymphoma.  He was young....just 59 ~ 1 month short of his 60th birthday.

So back to the title ~

I can't even imagine my daddy being 81 years old ~ which is what he would be tomorrow.  OK, I can't even imagine 65, 70, or 75 either.  I also can't imagine ~ how our lives would be different with him here, or how he would have loved his granddaughters (Amy was born almost 2 years after he died, or if circumstances surrounding one of my children could have been different, or watching him with 3 tiny great grandboys, or watching him & mom grow old together.

The Lord had another plan for Daddy and for us.

But no matter how much time passes ~ there are 3 Cash girls that miss him bunches, there are 4 grandsons who remember the fishing, hiking, camping at Bills lake fun they were blessed with, there are 8 additional grand children and 3 great grandchildren who know Grand daddy Bill through the stories they hear.

I can't imagine!

Happy Birthday & love you Daddy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Farmin' Shots

I was going to name our rooster Foghorn but I've now changed it to Big Mouth!
He loves to hear himself "Cock A Doodle Do"


Lots of Blueberries!

I love hydrangeas!  Especially lavender!

Kitty ~ she came with the farm!



We've harvested lots of squash from just 10 or 12 plants.

The plowing next door....I think his wife sends him out to ride his tractor when she wants him
out of the house....he never planted anything but just rides around the field.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Fun

We've just spent a great 1 1/2 weeks serving, laughing, eating, watching, loving, listening, observing, and worshipping. 

We left Friday, June 26 and started our 2 days driving excursion to Buffalo, New York.  We served with 40+ other folks on a Mission Trip up there.  The main focus of the trip was backyard bible clubs and neighborhood bashes in Albion, NY. 

Greg and I were the cooks.  Amy, Will, and my niece and nephew, Bethany & Ben worked on different teams and had a wonderful time. 

We cooked tons of food, fed lots of people, washed lots of dishes, and had a blast.  I missed last year because James had emergency mouth surgery. 

We reconnected with friends up there....we visited the Amish stores about 15 minutes away...we visited Niagara Falls...had some interesting conversations with young people.

Then we drove back to Gregs parents home near Roanoke VA and spent the weekend with them, Katie, Bryant and the boys, Gregs cousin and his family, Gregs sister and her family.

The kids rode jetskis, Ben & Bethany learned how to water ski, ate more food, watched fireworks, fed fish, and got lots of sun.

I was in grandma heaven!  We read books, played with bubbles, took boat rides if PaPa, took tons of pictures, played with puzzles, and loved on sleeping babies.  The only thing that would have made if more perfect, would have been if Aiden was there also. 

Now to real life ~~~~~ unpacking more boxes, straightening up, figuring out where to put everything, and more straightening up.  I will start out the day by not getting up at 6:15! 

Home Sweet Home!