Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Fun

We've just spent a great 1 1/2 weeks serving, laughing, eating, watching, loving, listening, observing, and worshipping. 

We left Friday, June 26 and started our 2 days driving excursion to Buffalo, New York.  We served with 40+ other folks on a Mission Trip up there.  The main focus of the trip was backyard bible clubs and neighborhood bashes in Albion, NY. 

Greg and I were the cooks.  Amy, Will, and my niece and nephew, Bethany & Ben worked on different teams and had a wonderful time. 

We cooked tons of food, fed lots of people, washed lots of dishes, and had a blast.  I missed last year because James had emergency mouth surgery. 

We reconnected with friends up there....we visited the Amish stores about 15 minutes away...we visited Niagara Falls...had some interesting conversations with young people.

Then we drove back to Gregs parents home near Roanoke VA and spent the weekend with them, Katie, Bryant and the boys, Gregs cousin and his family, Gregs sister and her family.

The kids rode jetskis, Ben & Bethany learned how to water ski, ate more food, watched fireworks, fed fish, and got lots of sun.

I was in grandma heaven!  We read books, played with bubbles, took boat rides if PaPa, took tons of pictures, played with puzzles, and loved on sleeping babies.  The only thing that would have made if more perfect, would have been if Aiden was there also. 

Now to real life ~~~~~ unpacking more boxes, straightening up, figuring out where to put everything, and more straightening up.  I will start out the day by not getting up at 6:15! 

Home Sweet Home!

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