Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Engagement Pictures!

Austin and his parents visited over the weekend and we took this opportunity to go out to Indian Springs and take engagement pictures.  We had lots of fun ~ they got to see the wedding venue for the first time! 

Their Bride Bunny and Groom Monkey from Build a Bear

this will be Grannys favorite

Thankful for ~~~~~

a beautiful couple
gorgeous state park
fun with friends

And you should be thankful I only posted 19 pictures......of the 100+!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Lots going on at the farm since its springtime -

garlic is coming up

planted basil, lavender and mint outside the chicken coop

lots of onions

baby chicks graduated to regular chicken coop

chocolate mint

this cat took up at our house and now is "great with kittens"

old bed springs are now pole bean trellises
Our 4 grand buddies eating together this weekend~
Thankful for ~

room to garden
a large yard to play in
family time
little boy cousins
hugs, kisses and lots of book reading

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Once you click and pin something on pinterest..........a whole slew of related items pops up on your feed.  I found some retro pictures representing my childhood and lots more appeared ~ several that I had completely forgotten about until I saw the pictures.  I was born in 1959, so the 60's and 70's are represented in my memories board ~ here are some goodies!

How long has it been since you made your own pizza ?:
One of our favorite dinners when daddy had bowling night ~ he didn't like it!

Celebrate everything Archie with this fun, full-color collection! Contains over 400 pages of classic, much-loved comic book storiesyoull be entertained beyond belief! Continuing the immensely successf
We got new comic books for vacation!

Remember this stuff? Had this set.:
I loved this stuff and had totally forgotten about it.

Solo String-Tie Headband, 1960's:
I am thinking this was in the 1971-74 range.

1966 Silly Sand - I loved Silly Sand!!:
another forgotten treasure!

No, they won't.  Lol:
It was awesome when we got a super long phone cord!

this was lots of fun ~ the original was the best!

My favorite to receive in the gift exchanges in elementary school.:
Best gift for the school Christmas party~ 

Colorforms - Oh my gosh, had completely forgotten about these!:
Colorforms!  I don't think mine were Raggedy Ann though.

These are in my rv:
Tupperware salt and pepper shakers.....I have moms~

Best thing to find in my stocking!:
One of the best stocking gifts on Christmas morning ~ this insured I could take 12 pictures that day!

Green Chip Stamps ... We used to get these based on how much you spent at the grocery store and fill up booklets with the stamps...then you could trade them in for pretty much anything..:
Collected and licked plenty of these to get premiums~

NOSTALGIA - JIFFY POP Popcorn Shake Pan On A Stove Top Burner and watch the Aluminum Balloon rise up as the popcorn popped inside.:
way more fun than microwave popcorn!
Nos Vintage 1970's Gunne Sax 1970's Gunne Sax by ElectricLadyland1, $149.99:
Gunne Sacks dresses were the rage in highschool and later ~~~I still have all of mine!

Thankful for~

fun memories
a great childhood
traditions like comic books for vacation
creative toys
loving parents