Sunday, October 29, 2017

Something Old, Something New ~ part 2

I finally got my pictures downloaded!

Amy absolutely glowed today!  They were so excited for the day and we are thrilled with this marriage.

Very thankful for ~

The Lords working in this relationship ~ they met 5 years ago on a Mission Trip
the respect and love they have for each other
their excitement and joy
another son for us
getting this many decent pictures from my uncooperative camera

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Something Old, Something New.....

We had an incredible wedding weekend ~ it started on Thursday, going with Amy and Austin to buy the marriage license.  Any Amy started baking cupcakes and her brownie wedding cake.  Friday was honeymoon packing, making tons of icing, general running around and a family dinner ~ I get immense joy with having our 4 grandsons together!!!!! 

Saturday we laoded all the vehicles with our diy wedding decorations, catering supplies, coolers with food, wedding clothes, etc.  We got to the park about 1:30 and met at the pavilion.  We had brought chips, and sandwich making stuff, so we all got to eat a picnic lunch.   The pavilion was close to the playground and mini golf course, so the littles grand buddies played on the playground and the adult kids played mini golf.  After a rollicking wedding rehearsal full of laughter, we enjoyed a great barbeque dinner provided by Austins parents.  Amy made the little flower girls baskets full of girlie goodies and art supplies and the little boys tool boxes full of boy treasures ~ play doh, hot wheels cars, dinosaurs, etc. 

After everything was cleaned up, we headed back to the cabin for girl time.  Greg retreated to the bedroom and closed the door (smart man)...We did jamberry manicures in the living room ~ lots of giggling and girlie fun.  Then it was bedtime.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 4...not on purpose but I just could not sleep any longer.  I got up showered, washed hair etc.  Then the bride got up and started getting ready.  At some point, I went into the bathroom and started spraying with top of my hair with hairspray ~ Amy walked by and said "ummm, Mom, did you know you are spraying your hair with Lysol?".  Oh well, my hair was disinfected...then I added hairspray. 

Mom and Brenda fixed us a great wedding morning breakfast, which was a huge blessing on our very busy morning.  We were able to get the keys to both venues by 9 and then the frantic busyness began.  We had 2 crews working hard for 3 + hours.  I was mostly in the reception venue but did go back and forth a couple of times between the 2 places.  I absolutely love it when the vision in my head actually works out ~ and it did in both venues.  Our goal for Amy was to be done with cupcake icing and cake decorating at noon ~ I think she was done at 12:05.

Then 2 glorious hours watching my sweet girl get turned into a princess bride ~ at the hands of Austins cousin Jaylee.  She was gorgeous~  and I was so thankful for Jaylees skill and willingness to be such a help.

Other than the Lysol hairspray ~ the other snafu was my good camera decided not to work all the time.  Argh ~ not a good weekend for that foul up.  It started the night before after a couple of pictures.  And it continued into the next day ~ thankfully we had 2 photographers, my nephew Billy was using my camera and Jaylee's mom Kelvie was our other one.  Kelvie borrowed photography equipment from a friend so we had lots of pictures.  Plus everyone with phones! 

Thankful for ~

laughter in stressful situations
the blessing of friends & family
the love my daughter received from her family and new family
talented help
plans working out
the loads of ideas we got from pinterest

this was one cool, calm, excited & glowing bride~

grandson Aiden, Amy's big brother Allen & Amy....Allen gave her a huge hug, told her she was beautiful and I started crying.  And it didn't end there ~ this was a very emotional day for me.

Me, Amy and Greg

exchanging vows ~ Greg and Austins Daddy did the ceremony

More pictures to follow ~ when I can get them downloaded from the camera and my laptop cooperates ~ this has been a challenge with both~

Monday, October 9, 2017

13 Days

I am really not sure how we got from this ~

to the wedding is in 13 days. 

This has been a fun, fast, blessed year ~ getting ready for our daughters wedding. 

Greg set a budget ~ we just have food for the reception left to buy...and we are under budget.  This would not have been possible without all our talented friends and family who have done so much to help.  A sweet lady at church altered the bridesmaids dresses, another sweet friend is doing lots of behind the scenes help, we've got lots of volunteers for help on the weekend and especially the day of the wedding.

Amy and Austin have been tremendously blessed with 4 wedding showers.  They have loads of new goodies to start their married life with.  Here are some shower pictures ~

Elvis gnome is adorable ~ thank you Hobby Lobby & Denise & Cheyenne ~ he will be at the wedding!

Comforter set from Granny

Austins cousin volunteered to do Amys hair ~ she worked herself into a bridal hair fixin' job!

thanks Jaylee ~ Amy's hair was awesome!

Greg bought these shower gifts ~ tools for the groom!

Amy is wearing my pearls at the wedding ~ Tammy took a set of pearl buttons and made Amy a pair of earrings.  The buttons were some from my great aunt.

these 4 together made me cry!  Amy's teenage year, church friends from our home in Brandon.
l-r Amy, Morgan, Lee Catherine, Emmalyn

baking cross stitch I made Amy

Sweet friends from Brandon

beautiful cake by Shelby
Thankful for ~

the blessings we receive
fun times with the bride and groom
anticipation of the "big day"

I know the next 13 days are going to fly by.  And we still have stuff to do!