Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures of our Week

Jackson Academy of Gifted Students  (JAGS) 2013 Graduating Class

first day of school dinner out with Parents ~ Mexican!

What we did our Learners Permits to learn to drive!
We decided to brave the DMV today and take the written tests for the learners permits for driving.
First was a stop at the bank to get attendance forms notarized ~ state requirement for homeschooling or non public school.  I got in the bank at 11:05, got the paperwork notarized at 11:40 ~ I was NOT a happy camper.  We then drove through to grab a cheap lunch and headed to the DMV.  Isaac decided to drop a couple of deluges on our car, so we sat in the parking lot and waited for a break in the rain.
Headed into the DMV and got all the paperwork for both approved...long story but this has taken several months to get everything we needed for Amy.  Then we started waiting, and waiting, and then some more waiting.  They both took the test (computerized) ~ Will was done first, he started first...and passed.  As we are working on Will's application and picture...Amy comes out and she passed too!

This part of the "ordeal" is done.  Greg gets to do the next part...teaching them both to drive!

They were both excited and proud of this accomplishment!  

Now, onto the weekend!

This Week

All of our planning & prepping led up to a"non-event" locally for Hurricane Isaac.  We had wind & rain, but not like most places.  I think our rainfall total for the week was almost 4 inches, and while thats alot ~ there are places in So. Miss that got 10-15.  We've enjoyed some cozy inside days.

Our chickens are happy and loving all the vegetable/fruit scraps that they get to eat every day.  Their favorite is tomatoes ~ they will swipe tomato chunks out of each others beaks and run to a corner to gobble them up.  We are consistently getting 6 eggs a day and have given away 3 dozen so far. I knew the storm was spooking them when I went out to the coop on Wed. and they all lined up to get a little rub on their backs ~ which for my chickens is weird because they usually scatter when I go in there to check for eggs or throw scratch down.  Then they followed me to the door..I guess they thought they could go into the house with me like the dogs.  It didn't happen.

We are through with our first week of school.  Geometry, Church History, Study Skills, lots of reading, and zoology, have been started so far.  Plus watching the Weather Channel and tracking the path of Isaac.  Today is Home Ec day,  we are getting ready for company this weekend. 

Amy found a beef and broccoli recipe on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and she prepared it this week for dinner.  Unfortunately, it is going in the "dud" pile.  The flavor was not good.  Actually, the first couple of bites were yummy but the more you ate, the less yummy it got.

We are going to run errands today and get some stuff done.  Amy's ballet class was changed from yesterday to today because of the Isaac threat.  So we've lots to get done between now and class time.

Tonight starts college football and at our house that means Chili and cornbread for supper.  Miss State is playing Jackson State and it will be on TV. 

My little bundle of sweetness will be here this weekend!  His first trip to Miss.  Its been a month since we've seen him & his parents.  Our house is going to be full this weekend!  And lots of pictures will be taken! 

Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and memory filled weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth for Thursday

Hymn printables

All are taken from Pinterest~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have got some awesome friends.
My friends are very concerned about me.
My friends are concerned that I will be "bored" after Will & Amy graduate.
My friends have volunteered to "give" their children to me, so I won't be "bored".

Wait, maybe they have ulterior motives.
Maybe they want to give "boredom" a try!  
So they want me to homeschool their children & they can do nothing ~~~
Then I would be the awesome friend!

Nice try friends ~
but I just can't see your tips, tricks, hints, ploys working right now!

So the 4-5 households that have volunteered to give me their children, should just plan on keeping them.  And please...enjoy every minute (even the bad ones) ~ homeschooling is a priceless, precious gift...for the Parents and the children!

This Mom will be supporting and loving my husband,  crafting, cooking, canning, reading, cleaning, mentoring a future homemaker, encouraging my sons, loving on my grandbaby boy, praying for our families future,  doing ministry/mission work, and watching chihuahua's act crazy.
I don't think I will be "bored".

But your concern for me is "touching".
Its nice to know that so many people love and care about my future!

If boredom ever hits, I know which families to contact!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I haven't done Daybook in a while, so I decided to start back today....

For today...

Outside my window ~ cloudy, Hurricane Isaac rain is starting today

I am thinking ~ about the last 7 years of our lives together-our anniversary is next week!

I am thankful for ~ my life with my bestest, best friend Greg!

From the learning rooms ~ we started school yesterday, so lots is going on-Geometry, Study Skills, Proverbs, Zoology, Home Ec, Art

From the kitchen ~ been processing tomatoes, bell peppers, and doing watermelon today
Amy is making a new crock pot recipe she found on Pinterest-Beef & Brocolli

I am wearing ~ denim skirt, purple t shirt, slip on tennies

I am creating ~ a rag quilt for a special almost 2 year old, embroidering a "luncheon" cloth for the fair and Amy's hopechest...matches the sunflower napkins I've already completed

I am going ~ to be driving back & forth alot to dance lessons this year...3 days a week

I am reading ~ Acts in the New Testament

I am praying ~ That everyone is prepared as best they can be for the approaching tropical storm/hurricane.  The stores & gas stations were packed yesterday, but the shelves were still remarkably full.  

I am hearing ~ cars driving, ceiling fan running, a school bus passing by, fingers typing

Around the house ~ rearranged the living room, bought a new sofa & loveseat (anniversary gift to us!)

One of my favorite things ~ new pictures of our little grandboy, Robert.....
(for some reason my newest one won't copy/paste-Grandpa will have to work on this later)

A few things for the rest of the week~ dance, church, Hurricane, family visits this weekend unless Hurricane prevents them (we are 3 hours from the coast)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


After much prayer, lots of consideration, waffling feelings, contemplative evaluation, and 16 years of homeschool experience ~ we have decided that we will have 2 Seniors this year instead of a senior and a junior.  Will and Amy have done the same school lessons, same grade level, etc. for 3 years, so this makes sense.  

So, starting tomorrow morning ~ my 2 Seniors will begin their last year of homeschool highschool.
What happens after this school year ~ we don't know.
We are exploring, investigating, questioning what the Lord has in store for Will's future.
But, we don't have any answers yet...thats ok, how many people think they know what the future holds and then change their mind 1/2 dozen times?  

The year after Amy is officially graduated.  We will be doing lots of homemaking mentoring.  Much like an Amish girl would do with her mom when she is done with her education. Again, nothing concrete, but thats the direction we are headed in with her.

And I will be going through this year with very mixed feelings ~ this lifestyle has been mine for the last 16 years...this is starting year 17.  I do know that its time to clean out some of the stuff I have been hanging onto "just in case".  I've got lots of school books,  multitudes of history resources, etc. that will need to find a new home.  

I do know, that I would not have traded these years for anything.
 I have learned things about my children that I would have never known had they been in a traditional school setting.  I've learned things about myself through homeschooling.
I've learned to appreciate the different learning styles of my children and how I can adapt to each of those styles.  We've had awesome opportunities to travel and explore new places together.  We've spent long, lazy hours sipping hot chocolate and reading books.  We've wrecked the kitchen, living room and dining room with our crafts, puzzles, and fair projects.
We've laughed, cried, been frustrated, prayed, and loved!

Its been great!

I am blessed!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Just Stuff

Allergy/asthma season is here ~ bleah!  I wish it came with cooler weather, but it didn't.

We are starting school on Monday.  Got the book baskets cleaned out, reading books organized, notebooks ready, pencils sharpened, etc.  Dance starts on Monday too, so we are jumping into our school year routine with both feet.

Amy is finding new recipes on Pinterest to try.  She is cooking more and more.  It helps me and its great training for her when she is married and has her own household to care for.  Her very favorite is baking!  She loves to make cupcakes, cakes, etc.  All of her friends like it when she brings a snack to a get together!

We are working on fair projects ~ trying to finish & starting some that we've thought about for a year.  I've got a big rubbermaid crate full of completed projects and Amy's is close to full.  We will start working on next years projects right after we turn in this years!

I've made strawberry jelly & jam, and peach jelly & jam, and canned tomatoes.  Our canned tomatoes will be used in soups, chili, etc. all fall/winter.  I've also got more carrots to dehydrate and 2 watermelons to juice up and make into jelly.  I found a source for bulk fruit pectin for jelly/jam...its from  A pound is $3.99 which is an awesome deal after buying those little boxes for years.  Its done great in everything I used it in this week.  A boxed packet contains 6 tablespoons of pectin, this I can use 5 tablespoons per batch and get a great product.

Our chickens are laying now and we are thrilled!  I love fresh eggs.  In the 3 weeks they've been busy, we've probably gotten 4 dozen eggs.  They are also reaping the bounty of all my fruit/veggie scraps from canning.  Their favorites are probably the tomatoes and they will steal the pieces from each others beaks ~ pretty funny to watch.

The garden is finished.  We've still got some potatoes to dig, and hopefully there are some potatoes on the end of those vines.  That would be exciting.  Of the 3 grape vines we planted this year...2 lived.  We are going to be reading up on how to trim the grape vines and the fruit trees over the winter and get that chore done.

Our little Robert will be making his first trip to Miss. over Labor Day weekend.  It will be great to see him and his parents again.  He will be 2 months old next week.  We got the following picture this week from Bryant & Katie.... (thanks guys!)

I am sure he is thinking/saying...Hi Grandma ~ see you next week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Truth for Thursday

He did EVERYTHING ~ we have to repent and put our lives into His hands. 

Its ALL about what HE did for us on the cross.  There is NOTHING we can do to earn our way to Heaven.  HE did EVERYTHING!  HIS Grace saves us through our FAITH.  

taken from Pinterest

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In today's world everyone needs money.
There are always bills to pay, children to feed, clothes to buy etc.

And contrary to popular belief ~ there isn't a money tree.
Any money you get, someone had to earn.
Even those welfare checks and foodstamps are paid for by the tax dollars that wage earners paid.

Many are foolish with their money ~
A prime example of that is the lottery...
On our vacation, we stopped at a gas station right on the GA side of the GA/AL line.
We needed a potty break, the van needed gas and we wanted an ice cream treat.

Greg gassed up the van, everyone took care of their needs, and we noticed a long line at the registers.
People were buying lottery tickets ~ many, many lottery tickets.
And 1/2 the inside of the gas station was dedicated to tables/ chairs and flatscreen tv's mounted to the walls for everyone to watch the lottery numbers roll around and see the live announcements.
Its the lure of "get rich quick".  
Everyone wants to get, be given something without putting anything into it.

As parents of 8 ~ almost 10, we've tried to stress the importance of 
hard work,
earning a wage,
paying your own way,
taking care of yourselves,
taking care of your bills,
paying cash for purchases and not using credit cards,
saving for the future.

Some have learned this, some haven't. Sometimes money seems to float through their fingers ~ like there is an endless supply.  Its discouraging to see your children make mistakes that you've talked to them about and warned them about.  Greg and I both made terrible money mistakes early (& later) in our married lives ~ so we do know something about this.

But the temptation is there to have everything new,
to have the latest edition/model,
to have a certain name brand label,
to drive a different vehicle,
to eat out and not at home,
to want & get without waiting & saving.

We all face that temptation, but you have to conquer it and wait.  
We heard Dave Ramsey speak several years ago here in Miss., and one thing that stuck with me was
"When kids grow up and establish their own homes, they want everything their parents have.  But it took their parents years to save the money to buy their possessions, the kids want it instantly."

We live in a society of instant gratification.
Everyone wants what they want...and now not later.
This isn't just limited to families.  Its rampant throughout this country.
Commercials, ads, newspaper stories, glittery store displays, expectations.
And following the news, you can see that budgets are made to be broken!

We would all be so much better off if we lived within our means, we saved for our purchases, we had some money stashed away for a rainy day, and we learned how to be content with what we've been blessed with.

Great books to read...
The Bible (has a lot to say about money, saving & giving, etc)
anything by Dave Ramsey
Crown Financials Resources

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More VA pictures

More lake pictures.....

Sewing a tote bag

Amy & Amy working on their bags

Gregs handiwork


Amy Kate & Andy

Amy & Allison

Amy K & Samantha

W & A hanging on for the ride!

Amy Lynn, just hanging out

love this picture!

cousin Samantha & Rob ~ its all smiles now...
 But later we heard Rob exclaim..."I admit it, I am a baby...take me back to the dock" ~ too many witnesses for me to make that one up!  He had a particularly rough intertube ride.
a passel of cousins

Amy, Amy and not Amy!

Great picture of Andy!

Will and cousin Charlie

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday......

We are back from our travels.  It seems like we were gone a very long time, but it was only 9 days.
Of course, 4 of those days were driving days ~ so the van got a little small with 7 folks in it!
But it was a fun trip, lots of memories were made, and we had lots of crafting time on the ride.

Its time to get back to real life!
We've been lazy long enough and need our routine back.
We've got lots to work on this week, projects to complete, school baskets to clean out,
lesson plans to work on, books to gather, etc.  School starts next Monday~

Proverbs 3:11-15
 " Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold.  She (wisdom) is more precious than rubies, and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her."

Now back to menu planning...
Sunday ~ ice cream social at church
Monday ~ crock pot potato soup
Tuesday ~ pork chops, sweet potatoes, peas
Wed. ~ Tostados with ground beef
Thursday ~ Spaghetti
Friday ~ Loaded baked potatoes
Sat. ~ Grill some kind of meat!

*Thursdays spaghetti will be a big batch ~ we are sending a crockpot full with the boys to the mens meeting at church!

We are thankful for...

hearing the TRUTH preached from Gods word
the blessing of Christian friends
beautiful music to Praise the Lord with
hands held in Prayer
A Lord & Savior who saved us by His Grace ~ its not dependent on us!
accurate interpretations from the original launguages of the Scriptures 
Our "guide book" for our Lives ~ The Holy Bible

Saturday, August 18, 2012


If you sit in my in-laws kitchen...very, very can usually get these shots....

How cool is that?

It helps to have the bigger lens on the camera too.
This pictures were taken from inside about 6 -8 feet away from the window!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Truth for Thursday

God is good :)

Follow Him~how true!
 Lesson learned
 The statement right above isn't scripture but its very true...
If you live honestly ~ you will be seen as an honest person
If you live ethically ~ you will be seen as an ethical person
If you live morally ~ you will be seen an a moral person
If you live lovingly ~ you will be seen as a loving person
People do watch how you live, how you react, how you treat others, and how you love.  It doesn't matter what you SAY  but it matters what you DO.  There is an old saying..."actions speak louder than words."  That saying is so very true...

These pictures are taken from Pinterest.

Daddy/Daughter Time at the Lake

Amy and Greg have had many "bonding", "memory building" times this week.  Here are some pictures of the fun they've had this week!

Amy learned how to make pen on the lathe...she had an excellent teacher.

Amy's new acrylic pen ~ made by her and Greg

Go faster Greggie!

Yep, thats the way to go faster!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Blessing of Another Daughter!

Sunday was the big day!  Allen popped the question!  And Jennifer said YES!  We are very thankful the Lord brought them together!  Now another wedding to help plan!
A very special thank you to Jennifers family for the photos on facebook so I could "be there".  And for the permission to republish Jennifer told me..."you can share them with the world!".

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Game Night.....

We had a great time with Allen & Jennifer on Friday night.
Gran provided all the food & Allen grilled the hamburgers for us.
Then we played Apples to Apples.

beautiful couple!

goofy brothers!  Rob, Andy & Allen

My favorite Allen!  I was also whispering encouragement into his ear!

Amy is catching up with the tallest brother!

Amy, Allen, Jennifer, Will, Andy, Amy Kate, Rob
This is a picture of 7 of our 10 children....our family is growing!
Missing are James, Katie, Bryant and our bonus ~ Robert!
On Friday night, Jennifer didn't know it....
but Allen was proposing on Sunday!

He did!  She said YES!  We are thrilled!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Truth for Thursday

All the time.
31 BIBLICAL VIRTUES TO PRAY FOR YOUR KIDS <-- FREE Poster and ALL 31 Reflections -- it's NEVER too late or too early to pray for your children.
These are taken from Pinterest.
I want to be vibrant, on fire, passionate, and aggressive as a Christian.
I want to put into practice what I blog about & not just be
"all talk and no action".

Happy Thursday!