Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I haven't done Daybook in a while, so I decided to start back today....

For today...

Outside my window ~ cloudy, Hurricane Isaac rain is starting today

I am thinking ~ about the last 7 years of our lives together-our anniversary is next week!

I am thankful for ~ my life with my bestest, best friend Greg!

From the learning rooms ~ we started school yesterday, so lots is going on-Geometry, Study Skills, Proverbs, Zoology, Home Ec, Art

From the kitchen ~ been processing tomatoes, bell peppers, and doing watermelon today
Amy is making a new crock pot recipe she found on Pinterest-Beef & Brocolli

I am wearing ~ denim skirt, purple t shirt, slip on tennies

I am creating ~ a rag quilt for a special almost 2 year old, embroidering a "luncheon" cloth for the fair and Amy's hopechest...matches the sunflower napkins I've already completed

I am going ~ to be driving back & forth alot to dance lessons this year...3 days a week

I am reading ~ Acts in the New Testament

I am praying ~ That everyone is prepared as best they can be for the approaching tropical storm/hurricane.  The stores & gas stations were packed yesterday, but the shelves were still remarkably full.  

I am hearing ~ cars driving, ceiling fan running, a school bus passing by, fingers typing

Around the house ~ rearranged the living room, bought a new sofa & loveseat (anniversary gift to us!)

One of my favorite things ~ new pictures of our little grandboy, Robert.....
(for some reason my newest one won't copy/paste-Grandpa will have to work on this later)

A few things for the rest of the week~ dance, church, Hurricane, family visits this weekend unless Hurricane prevents them (we are 3 hours from the coast)

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  1. Would that special almost 2 year old happen to be my sweet little Lauren?

  2. This is the one meme that I miss the most since I shut down my homestead blog. I may have to do it on my book review blog just because I like to keep up with folks and share my random thoughts as well. Hope you are safe from the hurricane. Sorry I have been absent so long. will try to visit more often!


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