Sunday, August 26, 2012


After much prayer, lots of consideration, waffling feelings, contemplative evaluation, and 16 years of homeschool experience ~ we have decided that we will have 2 Seniors this year instead of a senior and a junior.  Will and Amy have done the same school lessons, same grade level, etc. for 3 years, so this makes sense.  

So, starting tomorrow morning ~ my 2 Seniors will begin their last year of homeschool highschool.
What happens after this school year ~ we don't know.
We are exploring, investigating, questioning what the Lord has in store for Will's future.
But, we don't have any answers yet...thats ok, how many people think they know what the future holds and then change their mind 1/2 dozen times?  

The year after Amy is officially graduated.  We will be doing lots of homemaking mentoring.  Much like an Amish girl would do with her mom when she is done with her education. Again, nothing concrete, but thats the direction we are headed in with her.

And I will be going through this year with very mixed feelings ~ this lifestyle has been mine for the last 16 years...this is starting year 17.  I do know that its time to clean out some of the stuff I have been hanging onto "just in case".  I've got lots of school books,  multitudes of history resources, etc. that will need to find a new home.  

I do know, that I would not have traded these years for anything.
 I have learned things about my children that I would have never known had they been in a traditional school setting.  I've learned things about myself through homeschooling.
I've learned to appreciate the different learning styles of my children and how I can adapt to each of those styles.  We've had awesome opportunities to travel and explore new places together.  We've spent long, lazy hours sipping hot chocolate and reading books.  We've wrecked the kitchen, living room and dining room with our crafts, puzzles, and fair projects.
We've laughed, cried, been frustrated, prayed, and loved!

Its been great!

I am blessed!


  1. I know what you are going through. It's exciting, but sad at the same time to be ending a chapter and seeing what the next one holds. May you all be blessed with an extra special last year of homeschooling!

  2. congratulation on you graduating class this year. how exciting.

  3. i'm finally on the computer today trying to catch up!

    i think you have made the best decison to continue their path together.

    and for what is in store for you? there are 2 over here needing some schooling!!


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