Friday, August 24, 2012

Just Stuff

Allergy/asthma season is here ~ bleah!  I wish it came with cooler weather, but it didn't.

We are starting school on Monday.  Got the book baskets cleaned out, reading books organized, notebooks ready, pencils sharpened, etc.  Dance starts on Monday too, so we are jumping into our school year routine with both feet.

Amy is finding new recipes on Pinterest to try.  She is cooking more and more.  It helps me and its great training for her when she is married and has her own household to care for.  Her very favorite is baking!  She loves to make cupcakes, cakes, etc.  All of her friends like it when she brings a snack to a get together!

We are working on fair projects ~ trying to finish & starting some that we've thought about for a year.  I've got a big rubbermaid crate full of completed projects and Amy's is close to full.  We will start working on next years projects right after we turn in this years!

I've made strawberry jelly & jam, and peach jelly & jam, and canned tomatoes.  Our canned tomatoes will be used in soups, chili, etc. all fall/winter.  I've also got more carrots to dehydrate and 2 watermelons to juice up and make into jelly.  I found a source for bulk fruit pectin for jelly/jam...its from  A pound is $3.99 which is an awesome deal after buying those little boxes for years.  Its done great in everything I used it in this week.  A boxed packet contains 6 tablespoons of pectin, this I can use 5 tablespoons per batch and get a great product.

Our chickens are laying now and we are thrilled!  I love fresh eggs.  In the 3 weeks they've been busy, we've probably gotten 4 dozen eggs.  They are also reaping the bounty of all my fruit/veggie scraps from canning.  Their favorites are probably the tomatoes and they will steal the pieces from each others beaks ~ pretty funny to watch.

The garden is finished.  We've still got some potatoes to dig, and hopefully there are some potatoes on the end of those vines.  That would be exciting.  Of the 3 grape vines we planted this year...2 lived.  We are going to be reading up on how to trim the grape vines and the fruit trees over the winter and get that chore done.

Our little Robert will be making his first trip to Miss. over Labor Day weekend.  It will be great to see him and his parents again.  He will be 2 months old next week.  We got the following picture this week from Bryant & Katie.... (thanks guys!)

I am sure he is thinking/saying...Hi Grandma ~ see you next week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. What a cutie! I know you will be thrilled to see him!

    I feel like our back to school routine jumped on us with both feet! Ha! We'll get it all figured out soon, but with all 3 kids now doing full time work, I am still a little overwhelmed at the moment!

  2. What a sweet, happy little guy!!!


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