Friday, September 30, 2011


My heart is full.  My eyes may overflow (kept it together so far). My day has been crazy fun!  Tomorrow is the big day.  I will be so thrilled to see my daughter in all her wedding finery!

We even got our fair stuff dropped off this afternoon!

God is good.....all the time!

Loads of pictures, next week!

This mama is beat!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More wedding updates

Granny, Katie, Donna, Bethany, Amy

Will + the girls ~ they have worked very hard this week!

our meat slicers ~ Will and Greg


\working hard....Angela on the right

I have invisioned the centerpieces in my head for 3 months ~ I love the way they turned out and am anxious to see the candles lit~

the bridesbook table
The pictures from the church are from this morning.  My awesome friends Rosana, Angela and Angel "offered" to help and we put them to work  4 hours later, we had completed meat trays & cheese trays, all the vegies cut and washed, tables set up, centerpieces done, chairs rearranged in the sanctuary, tablecloths on tables, lots of laughter, fun and love.  We are so blessed, and I am thankful for all the adult women that love my daughter & want to help us.  Of course, they did make me promise to "save" my decorations for their daughters to use when they get married.  I'm gonna be helping lots of mama's when their daughters get married!    Also, big thank yous to my little friend helpers..Vida Jo, Kaytee Beth, Emmalyn, Jonathan and Benjamin.  And our littlest friends Lauren, Coralea, & Lilyann ~ you little girls brighten my life~

I love you all ladies!  You are special to me and such a blessing in my life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Flowers bought
more tulle bought
breakfast at Primo's
craft items at Hobby Lobby
reception food at Sams purchased
fair items labeled (46 total)
canned goods labeled (13 items)
"inventory" sheets filled out
lots of fun
Greg took his first test for last Master's Class
Will got the yard cut
Katie set up the RV for Bryant
Bethany bunny sat while Amy cleaned the hutch
Amy finished hand quilted pillow top
Stouffers cooked our dinner ~ lasagna
Bible Study coming up
Bryant will be here later

Monday & Tuesday in pictures

Will working

labeling fair projects

Amy's projects ~ the pile has expanded since this picture

Waltons a Thon going on in my room

Bethany is in love ~ with chihuahua's  and they are pretty fond of her too!

We are having a great, fun filled week.  Projects are getting finished (some started and finished), labels are being made, wedding stuff if getting done.  

We've sorted all the china, crystal, silver, boxed up all the flowers, arrangements, candles & holders, ironed all the clothes (its takes 3 people to iron a wedding gown), laughed alot, cried some, stated working on the meat and cheese for the reception, etc.
Yesterday was "Its All About Me" day.  Will may have been the only one who didn't chant that.  It all started with Katie "encouraging" Amy to finish her purse for the fair, Amy said Katie was nagging her, it exploded after that...

It quickly switched to Amy's reasons and explanations for wanting a new sewing machine.....
I would enjoy sewing more on a new machine
I wouldn't complain if I had a new machine
Mom, how many buttonholes does your machine do?  The one I want does 8.
Did I tell you it came with 10 sewing the box?
Katie is nagging me.
No, I don't need a nap. (we all replied, we ALL need a nap)
There, my purse is done ~ now stop nagging me!

(Katie was innocent in the above tiraid from Amy~land, but she was a good target)

Then came the its all about me.....Bethany changed it to a song "its all about me, its not about you!"  Any time anyone would say, its all about me....we could hear Bethany sing her little chant.  She is going to rotten when she goes home next week ~ maybe she's had a little too much girl time!

But really, its all about Katie!  She will be beautiful on Sat. and will have a day to remember.

Today, we are "getting out of the house".  Breakfast out at Primo's, then trips to Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, and Sams...maybe more places, I just don't know.  Tonight Bryant gets here and tomorrow all the busy-ness really commences.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For today....

Outside my window.....raining, thunder and lightning ~ what a blessing for our little orchard

I am thinking...about the rest of our week

I am thankful dear husband

From the kitchen...chicken, cooked carrots, green beans

From the craft room...finishing up fair projects for entry this week ~ we are to the framing, labeling stage

I am wearing...clothes

I am creating...lots

I am get everything done (with the Lords help and strength)

I am reading..."The American Womans Home" by Catharine Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ its amazing how smart these women were in the 1800's on some things and how clueless they were on others, some views are liberal but most aren't.

I am praying...for a beautiful wedding weekend for my daughter and her fiance

I am, rain, children talking, puppy paws running

Around the, fun, puppies, family, business

One of my favorite things...plans working the way we planned

A few plans for the rest of the, bible study, breakfast out, shopping, Bryant comes, work day at church, girl time at the Nail Salon, drop off fair projects, get church ready, all the boys arrive with their girlfriends,  pack trailer, rehearsal and dinner, and our own "Royal Wedding"

You can read many other daybooks at....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hang on the for Ride ~ its gonna be wild

We got home from GA last night with Mom & Bethany.

This is going to be a wild week....

here are the plans so far ~~~~~~~~~

dentist for Katie & Amy today done
Kroger shopping today done
pick up Allen suit at cleaners
close K & W's bank accounts cause they decided to start charging ck./debit fees done
sort through all the crystal, cake plates, candle holders, etc. for the wedding done
Greg's first test for his last Master's class tomorrow
Amy ballet
breakfast out one morning
Sam's shopping
& possibly Lowes
Bible Study 
slicing all the meat & cheese for the reception  cheese sliced
Greg's interview at work for a position he has prayed about for over a year
iron the wedding gown
                             finish, label, write inventory sheets on fair projects for 4 people almost done
work morning at church ~ boys will rearrange chairs in sanctuary, girls will make meat & cheese trays, slice fruit, etc. K & B last counseling session
Jackson/Cutler family dinner on Thursday night
Friday ~ all the rest of the grandparents, out of town family arrive
am ~ nail appt. for girls (totally girlie time!)
baked potato bar for lunch
all my older boys and their girlfriends will arrive (whoohoo ~ first time everyone will have been together in 2 (TWO) years!
Amy Kate, Sarah, Rob & Andy are going to decorate the sanctuary for us
drop off fair projects for the State Fair (wouldn't you know the only drop off day was Friday?)
get ready for rehearsal & dinner
Sat. breakfast at our house
go to the church and prepare!

At 1pm Sat. our beautiful daughter will walk down the aisle on her Daddy's arm to get married.
What a beautiful (& yes sad ) day that will be.

Then the reception (I know I said it wasn't going to be called that but I changed my mind)
boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce (Amy's request)
fried chicken fingers (Katie's request)
meat/cheese/condiments to make little sandwiches with
vegies & dip
Lemony, yummy beautiful Wedding cake
chocolate cupcakes

Sparkling grape juice
sweet tea 
ice water

We've got lots to get done.  Bryant will get here late Wed. night and get to join in the madness and confusion.  This will be a very long week to Katie and a very short week to me.

It will all get done, it will be beautiful, and my prayer is the Lord will multiply our energy, out rest, and all our time together and he will be glorified in all that we do!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


We came to GA for the weekend.....

I had a birthday ~ another year older

found out we were FINALLY getting a JoAnn's  within 30 minutes of us (hooray)

Went to the Varsity for lunch and Provino's for dinner (yesterday)

had a wonderful shopping trip to JoAnn's with birthday money!

Went to Restaurant Depot and got meats, cheeses, & condiments for the reception

Some last minute wedding details to attend to

had a relaxing breakfast with Allen and his girlfriend Jennifer at IHOP ~ yummy!  And Al treated us!

Running errands today with Katie, Amy and Mom

Then packing up the trailer and van to return home on Sunday

Pizza dinner tonight with my sister and her family

trying to finish my last fair project to turn in on Friday.  If this doesn't get completed, it will be turned in next year.  Either way, I will be happy.

Its going to be a long week....Katie & Bryant are both ready for the wedding (in 1 week).  Gotta find lots for K to do during the week to help make the time pass!  It may seem like a long week for her but it'll seem very short to me!

Also, planning a trip with/for Amy & Will ~ destination unannounced.  And no hints will be given.  Nor will any wild, outlandish guesses be verified.  However, I can say that we didn't sign them up to pick cotton like Mom suggested!

Also, have 2 weddings to help with next year (that I know of right now ~ could be more announcements coming)  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have to stop Thinking

I really have to stop thinking....

Here's what pops into my mind all week.....

That was Katie's last Sunday at church with us (till they come for a visit)

This will be Katie's last Wed. night with the kids

This is the last time Katie will help with our "food ministry" at church

This is the last time Katie is baking our bread

Katie slept in her bed last night for the last time (as a single girl)

and it just keeps going on and on..............................................................

I've got to stop thinking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fair Projects

Wed. night update...everything is counted and tagged ~ I have 45 items!  I am working on finishing the last item and that will make 46!!!!!

OK, Kathleen....this is for you! Everybody else can see too~

Set of Crocheted Coasters (being blocked)

Cross Stitch Towel

Rooster Needle Punch

Hand Beaded Pilgrim & Indian (holiday decoration)

Tin Punch (metal art)

Rag Wreath with cross stitch floss "bow"

Hand Beaded Angel Ornament (Christmas Decoration)

Chicken Paper Craft (quilling)

floral paper craft (snipping)

Decoupage Wooden Tray

Snoopy baby quilt (hand quilting)

Minnie Mouse Dress (machine embroidery garment)

quilted pillows~ 1 hand quilted & 1 machine quilted

tote bag

tile (hand shaped pottery)

hand embroidered pillowcases

hand quilted pot holder

Apple china painting

hand quilted table runner

machine quilted baby comforter

baby afghan (my 1st afghan & so far the only afghan)

hand quilted wall hanging

Glass Etched Vase

needlepoint clutch purse

chicken hand embroidered towel

newborn smocked dress

smocked bishop

smocked bishop

sewn book (toy)

hand embroidered dresser scarf

crocheted doily

crocheted scarf (my 1st big crocheted project)

free standing lace snowflake (machine embroidery holiday decoration)
That's whats completely ready so far.  I've still got cross stitch to frame, a needlepoint to frame, gourd to finish painting, and more.

The kids are busy working on completing their projects.  Amy and Katie each have over 30 projects to enter.  Will has about 10, maybe more.  For him, thats a much more than last years 2 projects.

Amy sweet talked her daddy into cutting out an intricate gecko lizard from wood last night for her to paint as a "yard decoration".  Will is working on a gourd cornucopia.  Katie is finishing up some quilting.  This is a fun, busy, productive time.  Its a joy to see everyone industriously working toward a goal of finishing!  (The promise of a prize check is a great motivator!)