Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday & Tuesday in pictures

Will working

labeling fair projects

Amy's projects ~ the pile has expanded since this picture

Waltons a Thon going on in my room

Bethany is in love ~ with chihuahua's  and they are pretty fond of her too!

We are having a great, fun filled week.  Projects are getting finished (some started and finished), labels are being made, wedding stuff if getting done.  

We've sorted all the china, crystal, silver, boxed up all the flowers, arrangements, candles & holders, ironed all the clothes (its takes 3 people to iron a wedding gown), laughed alot, cried some, stated working on the meat and cheese for the reception, etc.
Yesterday was "Its All About Me" day.  Will may have been the only one who didn't chant that.  It all started with Katie "encouraging" Amy to finish her purse for the fair, Amy said Katie was nagging her, it exploded after that...

It quickly switched to Amy's reasons and explanations for wanting a new sewing machine.....
I would enjoy sewing more on a new machine
I wouldn't complain if I had a new machine
Mom, how many buttonholes does your machine do?  The one I want does 8.
Did I tell you it came with 10 sewing the box?
Katie is nagging me.
No, I don't need a nap. (we all replied, we ALL need a nap)
There, my purse is done ~ now stop nagging me!

(Katie was innocent in the above tiraid from Amy~land, but she was a good target)

Then came the its all about me.....Bethany changed it to a song "its all about me, its not about you!"  Any time anyone would say, its all about me....we could hear Bethany sing her little chant.  She is going to rotten when she goes home next week ~ maybe she's had a little too much girl time!

But really, its all about Katie!  She will be beautiful on Sat. and will have a day to remember.

Today, we are "getting out of the house".  Breakfast out at Primo's, then trips to Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, and Sams...maybe more places, I just don't know.  Tonight Bryant gets here and tomorrow all the busy-ness really commences.


  1. Tonight Bryant gets here - this is really happening, isn't it?!

    Tell Gregg to stay strong.

    Love y'all, Rie


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