Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For today....

Outside my window.....raining, thunder and lightning ~ what a blessing for our little orchard

I am thinking...about the rest of our week

I am thankful for...my dear husband

From the kitchen...chicken, cooked carrots, green beans

From the craft room...finishing up fair projects for entry this week ~ we are to the framing, labeling stage

I am wearing...clothes

I am creating...lots

I am going...to get everything done (with the Lords help and strength)

I am reading..."The American Womans Home" by Catharine Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ its amazing how smart these women were in the 1800's on some things and how clueless they were on others, some views are liberal but most aren't.

I am praying...for a beautiful wedding weekend for my daughter and her fiance

I am hearing...cars, rain, children talking, puppy paws running

Around the house...food, fun, puppies, family, business

One of my favorite things...plans working the way we planned

A few plans for the rest of the week...dance, bible study, breakfast out, shopping, Bryant comes, work day at church, girl time at the Nail Salon, drop off fair projects, get church ready, all the boys arrive with their girlfriends,  pack trailer, rehearsal and dinner, and our own "Royal Wedding"

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  1. With all you have to do I can't believe you are blogging! What a Sweet Heart to keep us all updated! I am wearing...clothes! How hillarious!

  2. It was a nice way to start the day - the rain and thunder. Now we pray for a beautiful weekend for the beautiful bride!

    Take deep breaths.

    Love you, Rie

  3. Good morning,
    I wonder if your weather in Mississippi is heading my way...looks a little south of us as it moves this way.
    Thank you for the recommendation of the book...I went to Amazon and downloaded it free to my kindle.
    Have a happy wedding,
    Mama Bear

  4. Hey Monica...sometimes I just get tired of answering the what I am wearing question...so clothes was appropriate!

  5. Mama Bear, I've been using my sway bucks to earn free Amazon books. I haven't really looked into a Kindle yet, but I understand they are great.

  6. Rie,
    Thanks for your prayers! I really appreciate it. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and eating Shelby's delicious cake!


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