Saturday, August 26, 2017


It was lots of fun watching the moon cover the sun (with my proper eye proctection!).  But it wasn't what I did not get dark here - just less light.  Taking pictures with my good camera was a bust ~ the sun shines brightly in all my pictures in spite of the moon covering the surface (about 98% coverage at my house).  However ~ the time was well spent ~ and it does show the magnificent creation of the sun and moon, and the Lords  creativity.  No debates on any issue that isn't important, just the Glory of God on display for everyone to see. 

With vertigo, I can't look up for long periods of time - so I got a chair. Before coverage.

About half coverage.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Today was Aiden's 3rd birthday ~ we had loads of fun partying with him, lots of family and friends!  We love our grandbuddies!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bridal Fun

The days are zipping by~just a little over 2 months left till the wedding! 

Several weeks ago, my mom, sister, and neice gave Amy a Bridal Shower.  Most of our family was able to be there, Austins Mom, Tammy and a cousin were here from Alabama, plus 5 special ladies who have known Amy since birth (2 of them have known me since I was born!).

They planned a Saturday morning brunch, and all the food was delicious.  Then came the fun of opening say she was blessed and overwhelmed would both be understatements.  These sweet ladies were generous and loving to my daughter, bride to be.

Our sweet special ladies

The "kids" table!  Katie, Bethany, Kalen, and Amy

Granny, Jennifer, Megan, Becky, Hailey Lorrie

Me, Mandy, Tammy, Sandy

my great nephew, Daniel got into gift opening

Amy loves antique glassware ~ I found this antique Pyrex set in MS~I can't find a picture of it but Tammy got her a pink depression glass platter that has "Give us this day, our daily bread" embossed on it~

We did a mini shower the night before ~ Austin got shower gifts...from granny a huge roll of duct tape~cause duct tape fixes everything, and from us a set of barbeque tools and hotdog/marshmallow roasting sticks.  Austins folks also gave them many of the dishes they had registered for at Belks.  In the middle of those boxes was a kinda small flat packing box.  When they opened it it had a Noritake China serving plate in white with light blue border....something they had not registered for.  When they found the card ~ it was a gift from Belks for doing a Bridal registry with them!  Sweet!!!!!

unsolving the mystery of the china plate

the gift platter!
Their dishes are stoneware in taupe, light blue and turquoise.  They registered for 4 placesettings of each color so they can mix and match on the table.  She has gone back and registered for the white ones, they just came out with. 

The Bridal registries are fun to fill out ~ her wish lists on each on has inexpensive items (little kitchen gadgets), practical items (laundry hamper, towels, shower curtain, etc.), and lots of kitchen electronic items!  They have already been tremendously blessed and they just keep coming!  They have 2 more showers before the wedding!

Thankful for ~

the generosity of friends & family
the laughter shared
the spoiling of my daughter
good fun & fellowship
helping Amy get her house ready

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life Choices

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how well we raise our children, no matter how many times they are in church a week, no matter how much counseling we give them ~ they make their own decisions and they have to live with the consequences of those decisions....the good, the bad and the ugly. 

It is hard to let my children take the consequences and not step in and help them at all ~ tough love stinks.  It has resulted in many tears, countless sleepless nights, and churning guts.  Its hard of a mom.  I don't think this ever gets easier.

We have 3 children going through major, potentially life altering situations.  Amy's is a major baby is getting married.  And moving away ~ ok only 15 minutes but still for me this is major.  The closer the wedding gets, the more anxious I get ~ its all good, just different.  I have 2 other children going through situations we have no control over and we just have to sit, pray, and watch/listen.  These are the hard ones. 

We are encouraging where we can, praying always, worrying lots (especially me, its a mom thing), etc.  One is a situation we never thought we would walk through again....ever.  The other is one we never wanted to happen.

We can't protect our children forever.  All of them are adults.  They have to face up and be responsible and act like adults.  On the flip side ~ we are always the parent, we don't stop being the parent when they are grown.  We can still offer advice and guidance but not realistically expect them to obey.  The saying "been there, done that" can apply, but some have to learn the very hard way.

Oh well.

Today I chose to be thankful for ~

quiet mornings I can study the Bible, in depth
long periods of prayer (some in the awake hours of the middle of the night)
recalling good times
listening friends, family & our Pastor
crafting time in the afternoons
books to read and lose myself in