Thursday, September 29, 2011

More wedding updates

Granny, Katie, Donna, Bethany, Amy

Will + the girls ~ they have worked very hard this week!

our meat slicers ~ Will and Greg


\working hard....Angela on the right

I have invisioned the centerpieces in my head for 3 months ~ I love the way they turned out and am anxious to see the candles lit~

the bridesbook table
The pictures from the church are from this morning.  My awesome friends Rosana, Angela and Angel "offered" to help and we put them to work  4 hours later, we had completed meat trays & cheese trays, all the vegies cut and washed, tables set up, centerpieces done, chairs rearranged in the sanctuary, tablecloths on tables, lots of laughter, fun and love.  We are so blessed, and I am thankful for all the adult women that love my daughter & want to help us.  Of course, they did make me promise to "save" my decorations for their daughters to use when they get married.  I'm gonna be helping lots of mama's when their daughters get married!    Also, big thank yous to my little friend helpers..Vida Jo, Kaytee Beth, Emmalyn, Jonathan and Benjamin.  And our littlest friends Lauren, Coralea, & Lilyann ~ you little girls brighten my life~

I love you all ladies!  You are special to me and such a blessing in my life.


  1. How exciting to watch things come together! Praying the Lord's blessing on the happy couple! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It's so close!!! I'm so excited for Katie!!!


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