Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fair Projects

Wed. night update...everything is counted and tagged ~ I have 45 items!  I am working on finishing the last item and that will make 46!!!!!

OK, Kathleen....this is for you! Everybody else can see too~

Set of Crocheted Coasters (being blocked)

Cross Stitch Towel

Rooster Needle Punch

Hand Beaded Pilgrim & Indian (holiday decoration)

Tin Punch (metal art)

Rag Wreath with cross stitch floss "bow"

Hand Beaded Angel Ornament (Christmas Decoration)

Chicken Paper Craft (quilling)

floral paper craft (snipping)

Decoupage Wooden Tray

Snoopy baby quilt (hand quilting)

Minnie Mouse Dress (machine embroidery garment)

quilted pillows~ 1 hand quilted & 1 machine quilted

tote bag

tile (hand shaped pottery)

hand embroidered pillowcases

hand quilted pot holder

Apple china painting

hand quilted table runner

machine quilted baby comforter

baby afghan (my 1st afghan & so far the only afghan)

hand quilted wall hanging

Glass Etched Vase

needlepoint clutch purse

chicken hand embroidered towel

newborn smocked dress

smocked bishop

smocked bishop

sewn book (toy)

hand embroidered dresser scarf

crocheted doily

crocheted scarf (my 1st big crocheted project)

free standing lace snowflake (machine embroidery holiday decoration)
That's whats completely ready so far.  I've still got cross stitch to frame, a needlepoint to frame, gourd to finish painting, and more.

The kids are busy working on completing their projects.  Amy and Katie each have over 30 projects to enter.  Will has about 10, maybe more.  For him, thats a much more than last years 2 projects.

Amy sweet talked her daddy into cutting out an intricate gecko lizard from wood last night for her to paint as a "yard decoration".  Will is working on a gourd cornucopia.  Katie is finishing up some quilting.  This is a fun, busy, productive time.  Its a joy to see everyone industriously working toward a goal of finishing!  (The promise of a prize check is a great motivator!)


  1. Oh gosh, Donna, I am soooooo impressed! Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm so glad I stopped at the library today. I know what a lot of work is represented here. I especially love that rag wreath - I could see that hanging in my sewing room. Everything looks just beautiful - truly!

  2. WoW! You have been busy! Everything looks so great! Good luck at the fair!

  3. You, go girl! That all looks so beautiful! Each item has so much work in it. They are so neat and perfect.

    We've only got about half of what we had last year. Just one more reason to start 2011 over!
    Except for the new baby!

    FYI - they took izzy's rag wreath year before last but said they wouldn't again - don't ask 'cause i never understood the reason. go figure.

    love ya wonder woman -


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