Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have to stop Thinking

I really have to stop thinking....

Here's what pops into my mind all week.....

That was Katie's last Sunday at church with us (till they come for a visit)

This will be Katie's last Wed. night with the kids

This is the last time Katie will help with our "food ministry" at church

This is the last time Katie is baking our bread

Katie slept in her bed last night for the last time (as a single girl)

and it just keeps going on and on..............................................................

I've got to stop thinking!


  1. Oh, how sad and wonderful all at the same time! Bless you and I will pray that you can stop dwelling on these things...

  2. You are going to make me cry! I will be praying for you. It's bittersweet. We want our babies to leave the nest and live wonderful lives but we don't want them to go in the same instance.

  3. I'll just say ditto to Trixi. I'm praying for you - love you.



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