Saturday, September 24, 2011


We came to GA for the weekend.....

I had a birthday ~ another year older

found out we were FINALLY getting a JoAnn's  within 30 minutes of us (hooray)

Went to the Varsity for lunch and Provino's for dinner (yesterday)

had a wonderful shopping trip to JoAnn's with birthday money!

Went to Restaurant Depot and got meats, cheeses, & condiments for the reception

Some last minute wedding details to attend to

had a relaxing breakfast with Allen and his girlfriend Jennifer at IHOP ~ yummy!  And Al treated us!

Running errands today with Katie, Amy and Mom

Then packing up the trailer and van to return home on Sunday

Pizza dinner tonight with my sister and her family

trying to finish my last fair project to turn in on Friday.  If this doesn't get completed, it will be turned in next year.  Either way, I will be happy.

Its going to be a long week....Katie & Bryant are both ready for the wedding (in 1 week).  Gotta find lots for K to do during the week to help make the time pass!  It may seem like a long week for her but it'll seem very short to me!

Also, planning a trip with/for Amy & Will ~ destination unannounced.  And no hints will be given.  Nor will any wild, outlandish guesses be verified.  However, I can say that we didn't sign them up to pick cotton like Mom suggested!

Also, have 2 weddings to help with next year (that I know of right now ~ could be more announcements coming)  

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