Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have got some awesome friends.
My friends are very concerned about me.
My friends are concerned that I will be "bored" after Will & Amy graduate.
My friends have volunteered to "give" their children to me, so I won't be "bored".

Wait, maybe they have ulterior motives.
Maybe they want to give "boredom" a try!  
So they want me to homeschool their children & they can do nothing ~~~
Then I would be the awesome friend!

Nice try friends ~
but I just can't see your tips, tricks, hints, ploys working right now!

So the 4-5 households that have volunteered to give me their children, should just plan on keeping them.  And please...enjoy every minute (even the bad ones) ~ homeschooling is a priceless, precious gift...for the Parents and the children!

This Mom will be supporting and loving my husband,  crafting, cooking, canning, reading, cleaning, mentoring a future homemaker, encouraging my sons, loving on my grandbaby boy, praying for our families future,  doing ministry/mission work, and watching chihuahua's act crazy.
I don't think I will be "bored".

But your concern for me is "touching".
Its nice to know that so many people love and care about my future!

If boredom ever hits, I know which families to contact!

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