Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures of our Week

Jackson Academy of Gifted Students  (JAGS) 2013 Graduating Class

first day of school dinner out with Parents ~ Mexican!

What we did our Learners Permits to learn to drive!
We decided to brave the DMV today and take the written tests for the learners permits for driving.
First was a stop at the bank to get attendance forms notarized ~ state requirement for homeschooling or non public school.  I got in the bank at 11:05, got the paperwork notarized at 11:40 ~ I was NOT a happy camper.  We then drove through to grab a cheap lunch and headed to the DMV.  Isaac decided to drop a couple of deluges on our car, so we sat in the parking lot and waited for a break in the rain.
Headed into the DMV and got all the paperwork for both approved...long story but this has taken several months to get everything we needed for Amy.  Then we started waiting, and waiting, and then some more waiting.  They both took the test (computerized) ~ Will was done first, he started first...and passed.  As we are working on Will's application and picture...Amy comes out and she passed too!

This part of the "ordeal" is done.  Greg gets to do the next part...teaching them both to drive!

They were both excited and proud of this accomplishment!  

Now, onto the weekend!

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