Friday, August 31, 2012

This Week

All of our planning & prepping led up to a"non-event" locally for Hurricane Isaac.  We had wind & rain, but not like most places.  I think our rainfall total for the week was almost 4 inches, and while thats alot ~ there are places in So. Miss that got 10-15.  We've enjoyed some cozy inside days.

Our chickens are happy and loving all the vegetable/fruit scraps that they get to eat every day.  Their favorite is tomatoes ~ they will swipe tomato chunks out of each others beaks and run to a corner to gobble them up.  We are consistently getting 6 eggs a day and have given away 3 dozen so far. I knew the storm was spooking them when I went out to the coop on Wed. and they all lined up to get a little rub on their backs ~ which for my chickens is weird because they usually scatter when I go in there to check for eggs or throw scratch down.  Then they followed me to the door..I guess they thought they could go into the house with me like the dogs.  It didn't happen.

We are through with our first week of school.  Geometry, Church History, Study Skills, lots of reading, and zoology, have been started so far.  Plus watching the Weather Channel and tracking the path of Isaac.  Today is Home Ec day,  we are getting ready for company this weekend. 

Amy found a beef and broccoli recipe on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and she prepared it this week for dinner.  Unfortunately, it is going in the "dud" pile.  The flavor was not good.  Actually, the first couple of bites were yummy but the more you ate, the less yummy it got.

We are going to run errands today and get some stuff done.  Amy's ballet class was changed from yesterday to today because of the Isaac threat.  So we've lots to get done between now and class time.

Tonight starts college football and at our house that means Chili and cornbread for supper.  Miss State is playing Jackson State and it will be on TV. 

My little bundle of sweetness will be here this weekend!  His first trip to Miss.  Its been a month since we've seen him & his parents.  Our house is going to be full this weekend!  And lots of pictures will be taken! 

Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and memory filled weekend!

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