Thursday, August 9, 2012

Truth for Thursday

All the time.
31 BIBLICAL VIRTUES TO PRAY FOR YOUR KIDS <-- FREE Poster and ALL 31 Reflections -- it's NEVER too late or too early to pray for your children.
These are taken from Pinterest.
I want to be vibrant, on fire, passionate, and aggressive as a Christian.
I want to put into practice what I blog about & not just be
"all talk and no action".

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Me too! I tend to be on the quiet, shy side and always asking the Lord to help me spread His love to others. I had the opportunity to share my testimony to the lady cleaning my teeth this week. It was after she was done and we were waiting for the dentist to come in. I actually had quite a bit of time to talk to her and she seemed to be truly interested in what I was saying. She is a Christian, but she said that I was meant to be in her chair today. Sometimes we never know what we say will help someone else. What is so funny is that I didn't even realize what I was was just all coming out and I wasn't the least bit shy. I had to laugh and thank the Lord afterward when I realized what had happened. :D


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