Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sugar Scrub

Several weeks ago at church I was handed a gift bag from my friend Rosana.
This bag contained a little Rubbermaid covered dish of Sugar Scrub and it was the most beautiful, soft pink color and smelled delightful.

Amy and I have used it on our hands & LOVE it.
Then I tried it on my feet....Love it again.
Rosana's daughter Emmalyn told us how awesome it is to use when shaving your legs (this is just a like for me ~ she left out the part where it feels like shaving your legs with shards of busted glass...just being honest)
I've tried Emmalyn's suggestion twice and am really not too impressed ~ however Amy loves it.

We got busy, coaxed the recipe out of Rosana, bought the extensive list of ingredients (3), and started mixing yesterday.

The recipe is as follows.....
1 part salt
2 parts sugar
Dawn dish detergent with Oil of Olay

Easy. peasy.

We used 1 cup salt, 2 cups sugar, and about 1/3 of a bottle of Dawn.  You just add enough Dawn to get it to the consistency you want...its a thick, pink, good smelling sludge!

Amy is coming up with a way to change the color but keep the consistency/smell/effectiveness.
I think she has decided on using the white Dawn with Olay, and some squirts of Suave scented bath wash.  We've got different bottles, so I can expect to see a rainbow of colors next time we make it.

We did our recipe 3 times & still have a little Dawn left in the bottom of the bottle.  We refilled our container and filled 11 more of the same size. This took about 30 minutes total for all containers. I'm taking it when we travel this week and gifting it to our family! (shhhh, its a surprise, can you forget before Friday Mom?)

*On our recipe, we used the Kroger brand of the Dawn ~ .60-.70 a bottle cheaper

Rosana found the recipe on Pinterest!
But she tweaked the original and I've shared the tweaked version!

 **Edited directions.........shave your legs, rub the sugar scrub on them, rinse, shave your legs again ~ but not with the scrub!  That little detail would have been great to have clarified up front!


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