Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Staying Busy with My Hands

Here are some more goodies that have been crafted for fair projects/gifts!

Crocheted with "string" bracelet ~ still needs to be blocked & starched

beginnings of my crocheted edging ~ I love these colors!

decoupaged trash can ~ will hold my yarn for crocheting

SEW for our sewing room

Amy's painted bunny ~ looks like her bunny Bluebelle

my quilted Kindle case ~ using quilt as you go method

inside the case

large Granny Square baby blanket

Stenciled Tractor for Gregs workshop
In one or more of the Little House on the Prairie books, Laura talks about crocheting yards & yards of edging for her petticoats & chemises ~ and did the same for Mary's undergarments before she went to the Blind School.  So my question is.....How on earth did they find the time to do this with all the other chores, little light, etc?  I've got 2 rows of 3 1/2 feet of edging done & 10 inches of the 3rd row.  The minimum for the fair entry is 3 feet, so thats where my length came from.  This crochet string is silky, slippery and the hook is tiny.  I just don't know how yards and yards could be accomplished with all the other necessary chores.  When finished, mine may be long enough to go around a pillowcase opening.....or it could be bronzed and saved forever (but then you couldn't see the pretty colors).  Just something I was thinking of last night as I crocheted! 


  1. those are cute. I love the button picture

  2. I have to agree. Where would they get the time. Maybe they did it thru the winter. When the ground was frozen.

  3. I can't wait to try the crocheted bracelet! And I am definitely going to get a stenciled painting done for the fair!

    By the way, I am so excited that Ronnie finally fixed my problem and now I can comment on blogs again!


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