Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Time at the Lake

Amy and Greg have had many "bonding", "memory building" times this week.  Here are some pictures of the fun they've had this week!

Amy learned how to make pen on the lathe...she had an excellent teacher.

Amy's new acrylic pen ~ made by her and Greg

Go faster Greggie!

Yep, thats the way to go faster!


  1. I want a pen also, please get back to the workshop and make one. PLEASE. Whinny Granny

  2. Hey Donna,
    Amelia Ann saw the pics of Amy and her dad making the pen. She wants to know what kind of wood did they use. Is it made from wood? Painted wood?
    Becky and Amelia Ann Cleveland

  3. I agree with Granny...I want a cool pen too! Angel

  4. Hi Becky!

    Amy's is made from Acrylic...they bought it from Woodcraft. I have a purple/white one that looks like marble.

    Granny got a cool pen...not quite as cool as Amy's.

    I will let Greg know Angel!


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