Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RV Redo

Several years ago we bought an RV ~ used.  We've taken it out West, to the Outer Banks, to Disney World, to the mountains, on a Mission Trip to Oklahoma, and to the MS coast.  Its even been to a Nascar race.

We noticed that the "skin" on the outside was coming loose ~ that got the redo ball rolling.  The window on the inside of the bedroom part had a leak ~ most likely the water leaking caused the skin to pull apart, and the wood to rot inside the structure.  Greg pulled the inside of the wall apart to replace the rotten pieces, is caulking it inside and out, and has screwed the skin back to the rv side and into the new wood. 

We pulled up the nasty carpet in the bedroom and the bathroom (WHO ever thought carpet in a bathroom was a good idea?).  The bathroom will be just stick on vinyl tile ~ easy to keep clean, and we are talking about a very tiny space, calling it a room is generous.  The bedroom flooring is still up for a decision.  We thought about the vinyl tile that looks like wood ~ but that is about 3 x more expensive that the manufactured wood flooring that we put down in our bedroom. 

The walls are getting a nice coat of paint ~ yes, over the wallpaper.  Read how to do it on Pinterest (duh!).  I've got a new quilt ready for the bed and enough fabric to recover the valances.  The blinds were shot in there and I think we are going to replace with just the simple pull down blinds from Walmart.

Oh, the "theme" is going to be beachy.  Neutral floor and walls & then fun accents and accessories ~ many of which we already have.  We have rejected the idea of the floor covering being Sand ~ yuck!

And we are planning some trips.  Greg wants to do some Nascar races.  Several are within a days driving of our home ~ Texas, Talledega, and Atlanta. He would also love to drive up through Kentucky in the fall ~ won't happen this year but maybe next.

Our RV's name is Buddy.  Appropriately named since we went with our buddies camping.  One buddy has gotten married and moved away, and our other 2 are now working.  Greg and I may be each others buddy on many trips ~~~~~ we've never done this alone. 

A new adventure!

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