Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm A Blogger Slacker!

My "free" time is more limited now!  I have the mornings free and then go to the Ceramics Shop to work, sometimes till 7 or later.  I am learning a lot and am enjoying making some money.  After taxes come out ~ its our "fun" money.  Right now, its going towards our next mission trip!  It also doesn't help that I usually leave my laptop at work from working on the inventory and its just too hard to blog on the Kindle ~ I did try this morning.

Last Thursday we made our annual trip to the State Fair!  We were thrilled with the results.  I do wish they would tell you ~ critique you- on items you got less than a blue on.  I did get 4 red and 1 white but the rest were blue.  Amy only got one red and the rest blue.  Its exciting to see the ribbons hanging on our work every year!  And we've already started for next year.  Angel did great for her first time and her 4 kiddoes were thrilled with their ribbons also!  This enthusiasm is what keeps us going!

Amy decided to apply at Chick Fil A for a job ~ she had 3 interviews ~ and today found out she got it!  Excitement in the house!  She starts on Monday ~ her first training will be in food prep....right up her alley!

So here ya go Angel ~ a blog post! 

Here are some funnies from pinterest ~

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