Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We are back!  Our vacation was great!  We got to spend time with Allen, Jennifer & Aiden on the weekend before and after our Disney trip.

Disney was fun ~ but wet.  Very wet...it rained everyday but one.  Not just your typical Florida sprinkle for just a short time.  But a "the heavens opened and dumped water upon us" rain.  4 out of 5 days...that's never happened to us in all the times we've been.  I can really only think of one day in past trips that it rained a lot.  Oh well, we could change the weather so we made the best of it.  Rainjackets and ponchos covered us up adequately. 

We got indoctrinated into the land of Magic Bands ~ which was so cool.  Everything was on our band ~ room key, charge information, fast passes, and dining plan.  I was concerned about losing the band or someone stealing it and having our info but the security is good.  To enter the parks you scan your magic band and finger print.  To buy anything you enter your security password.  It worked well and we didn't have lots of different stuff to keep up with.

The dining plan was great & FREE.  It was 2 meals & a snack everyday.  We did breakfast in the room.  You just had to find a quick service dining room in any of the parks and order your meal.  The lunch and dinner meals consisted of the entrée & any sides that came with it, a drink, and a dessert.  That's a lot of food!  You can use it at the parks, downtown Disney, or the hotels.  We started off our week at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney and it was yummy.  Our best meal by far, was at "Be Our Guest" at the Magic Kingdom.  Lunch was open to anyone ~ that is anyone who was inline ahead of time for the 10:30 opening.  We were inline by 9:15 and they closed the line at 10:20 ~ no one else could get in until others finished eating and left.  This was Amy's "bucket list" place to go.  Their food was great, their service was amazing, and the Castle was gorgeous!  If you have watched the movie the song "Be Our Guest" is the theme for the restaurant ~ and they have a cupcake with "taste the gray stuff, its delicious" icing.  Which is what my baker wanted.  They all got the gray stuff cupcake but I got the lemon meringue cupcake ~ yum!  We all thoroughly enjoyed that meal, even if it was lunch at 10:30 in the morning!  The most disappointing meal was in France at Epcot ~ we went there for my birthday lunch because I wanted the chocolate mousse (yum!), we ordered sandwiches and they were just ok.  I got a turkey and the the bread was tough.  The chocolate mousse made up for it!

Greg was excited to ride roller coasters with Will.  And I am sure that Will was excited to have someone to ride with him.  I think the only thing they didn't get to ride was the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ~ the lines were too long and the fast passes were all reserved. 

Amy was our official photographer, so I will have to get pictures from her laptop to mine.  And get the pictures off our phones to the laptop.

Greg N Donna Jackson's photo.
Magic Bands!

The best ride in town. Granny and her pushers!
Moms exciting ride for the week! 

Hey Angel Hall Tapley, show this to Little Bit.
Amy's new hoodie!

The "gray stuff" is delicious!
1st bite of gray stuff!

A rainy end to the day.
Epcot in the rain on my birthday!

Greg N Donna Jackson's photo.
In Norway!

Ready for the day, Angel Hall Tapley
wearing our Minnie shirts that Angel T. made us!

Amy and her daddy ready to go!
the Princess and her Protector ready for a day in the Magic Kingdom!

I swiped these pictures off our facebook page!

Thanks Mom, Greg, Amy & Will for a great birthday celebration/vacation!

I love you all!

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