Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Year ~ 2010

2010 has been a fantastic year.

Greg and I have grown closer to each other and to our Lord.  The Lord is showing us things we have never heard or seen before, he is convicting us of things we should do and others we shouldn't do, and he is opening some excited doors for our family.  Greg & I are reading through the bible in a year, our starting month was Sept., so the plan is to be finished by next September.  We discovered Sermon Audio and have listened to some great preachers.

Greg is entering the ending phase of his graduate work for his Masters Degree in Engineering.  He is helping us all with Catechism & memorizing Bible Verses.  He is a great provider for our family and a fantastic Daddy.  He plans lots of field trips around our travels and keeps us accountable in schooling.  
I helped start a girls group called "Keepers at Home" to encourage our girls toward being wives and mothers.  Then our Keepers group started a new homeschool group.  This year I have learned how to crochet, can green beans, care for chickens, and many others.  I love to cross stitch, crochet dish cloths, and sew. 
Our family has grown by 3 dogs ~ Skittles, Chip & Licorice.  C & L are spoiled rotten at the tender age of 3 months and we all love to watch and play with them.  We've got 4 chickens that supply us with 3-4 eggs every day (they taste so much better than storebought.)  We also own 3 pigs with our friends Marie and Gregg.  James is our pig farmer and I think he really loves that responsibility.  He named them Ham, Pork Chop & Bacon and is looking forward to eating the "fruits of his labor".

The Lord led us to a new church and church family & its been a blessing.  The church is small and its easy to get involved and feel needed.  Our family is cooking the Wed. night dinner at church once a month.  We are cooking for the Discipleship Now weekend for the youth, and hosting a bible study for the youth.  Katie is helping in a childrens class on Wed. nights.  And all 3 are working in the nursery on Sunday mornings,  We are thrilled they are learning to be servants and not just sitting waiting to be entertained.
James is working for the vending company and enjoying driving his own route.  He has pursued and been accepted into the Welding program at the local Community College.  He is waiting for an opening in the program...hopefully in the fall.

Andy is back at College and the grades are going really well.  We are glad he is back and taking his education seriously.  I'm not sure when graduation will happen but he is moving forward.
Rob is in his last year at MSU and will graduate the end of April with a music degree.  He is applying at graduate schools to pursue his Masters.

Allen moved back to GA and lives about 15 minutes from his Granny.  He's got 2 jobs and just got another today, so one of the previous ones will be history.  He is talking about going to a trade school in the fall for either electrical or construction.
Katie graduated from our homeschool high school last spring.  She is doing college studies through College Plus and has 12 credit hours.  She is also working on homemaking skills with the goal of being a home keeper, help meet, and mom.  She is learning canning skills, embroidery, cooking, menu planning, cross stitch, jelly making, etc.  She likes working on projects she can enter in the State Fair.  She is also my daytime computer "geek" and makes me charts, menus, grocery lists & check off sheets.

Will is our chief garbage collector and food/water provider for our dogs & chickens.  He also takes some of the pool cleaning/maintaining responsibilities.  He is working on 10th grade work in our homeschool and is starting with driving lessons with his Dad.  He is our tinkerer, tool guy and lego builder.  He learns lots of practical skills while working with Greg.

Amy is our 9th grade bundle of energy.  She likes to get her school work done so she can do "fun stuff" baking, crocheting, cross stitch, dog training, etc.  She loves to crochet and is good at it.  Working on projects to enter in the State Fair is a passion of hers.  She is also an avid reader and has discovered Beverly Lewis books this year.  This has led her, Katie and I to some interesting discussions about the Amish and their lifestyle. 

This Miss. Mama will be back in a week!  Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! May it be as wonderful for your family as 2010 has been!

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for this past year, for many, many things.

    Great post on what's happened and the things you look forward to. I love you and your famiy, my friend.

  3. Now I feel like I know you better Donna. :o) What a wonderful family. God is good. I like the new look for the blog.


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