Monday, January 10, 2011

Multitude Monday 746-760 in pictures!

746.  my 5 year old, red headed nephew

747.  Cousins ~ Amy, Bethany, Katie

748. Our "home away from home" cruise ship cabin

749.  my best friend ~ relaxin' & readin"

750.  towel animals

751.  fishing at Freeport, Bahamas ~ & catching 2 fish!

752.  Spending time with Greg

753. Sunshine on calm water

754.  beautiful flowers and foliage in January

755.  Greg fishing off the back of the boat ~ he's always wanted the opportunity!

756.  Beautiful vintage planes flying over the ship

757.  Witnessing the Lord's beautiful workmanship and splendour!  What a spectacular sunset in Key West!

758.  Serenity

759.  longs hours of peacefulness with my sweetheart

760.  knowing my children were having fun with their Granny


  1. Beautiful pictures ... I especially love the "sun on the water" ones! Glad y'all had a wonderful time!


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