Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Birth of a New Pantry Storage Area

We've decided that a new home is not in our future...unless we win the lottery or some long lost relative leaves us a ton of money.  But we never buy lottery tickets and know where most of our relatives are, so that pretty much leaves out those options.  Of course, I guess we could find that tree that grows money ~ gotta keep our eyes open.

So, we have decided to start on projects we've dreamed about.

A negative aspect of Miss. is houses don't have basements so storage is scarce.

We've got this utility room off the garage that has been stuffed full of "valuables".  The shelves were bowing under the weight of the "valuables" and some "junk" regularly manages to find its way in there.  We have been cleaning out, destroying old wood shelves, sweeping, caulking holes, more sweeping and sanding the caulked areas.

The only thing left in the room is the hot water heater.  Plus a piece or 2 of pegboard.
After it is painted, has floor tile, and has nice, new metal shelves ~ it will be my pantry.  We thought about cutting a hole in the wall to walk from the laundry room right to the pantry, but then we're talking major demolition and mess, this way is quicker.
Greg is going to take down the door and rehang it, so that it opens out instead of into the room.

There will be plenty of  "organized" room for my wheat buckets, bulk food purchases, canning jars, etc.  Plus on the top of the shelves we can store my big turkey roaster, our large wok, the pressure canner, ice cream freezer, etc.

Friday night, Greg, Will and I are going to Lowe's to look at shelves and flooring (the girls are going to a b'day party).  I'll post more pictures when its done.  

Here's what came out of the room...

(just the stuff stacked up...not the furniture!)

Then onto the next item on the list.........


  1. what a great plan. Where is all the stuff that came out gonna go? I can't believe all of that came out of that area.

  2. Looks good!!! I can't wait to see the end product. I have been couponing like a crazy woman, just ask my Katherine, and am stock piling all sorts of things. I need to revamp my shelving system too. Where are you buying your bulk items? I order through my old CoOp group in S'ville but something more local would be great.


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