Friday, January 14, 2011

How did all that Valuable Stuff fit in there?

OK, I've been asked this question a couple of times, so I will attempt to answer it...

All the 5 gallon buckets were under the shelves and into the floor.  They are filled with hard wheat, soft wheat, and sugar.  Now we have added one for dog food.  They will all go back in the new pantry.  I can stack multiple buckets of the same item on top of each other ~ 3 tall.  I am trying to have 1 bucket of each item fitted with a gamma seal, which will just twist off.  Then I don't have to get out the pry bar and hammer to try and open the dumb buckets.

The gallon paint cans will be emptied into quart size jars, one for each color.  Then we have touch-up paint for each room.  There is a whole gallon of blue, so it will either be the new pantry color or the new backporch color.  The ceiling white paint and the kitchen cabinet paint will most likely stay in the cans..  The paint will most likely find a new home in the Cabana Greg's workshop.  

When the weather is warmer (like next week), the kids and I will clean out the rubbermaid shed and put the car cleaning, yard tools, etc. in there.  And who knew that 50+ cans of spray paint lived in there?

There will be a "home" for the heavy duty extension cords in the pantry, because they are used frequently.

The cases of water, gatorade and canning jars will have a home back in the pantry.  We are trying to buy more food in bulk and that will go in there too.

We have thrown away lots of junk.  We took the wood shelves down, the kids carefully pounded the nails flat and stacked it by the road ~ someone came and retrieved it.  Maybe they have a use for the 3 feet on each end of the bowed middle. 

For the most part...this will be my room.  No one will be allowed to open the door and just stick something in there.  Weedeaters, hedge trimmers, and various car parts will be banned.



  1. You go girl - ban those items! Proud for you and I'm coming next week to take a look! Love you!

  2. Heartily agree with your storage and stocking up. My husband and I also keep a bit of cash in the house for emergencies! Have always tried to have staples and canned goods in the cupboard in case of emergencies! Keep up the good work and sharing your heart with readers!
    In Christian Love,
    A Reader from the Midwest!


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