Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazing Video

The woman on this Youtube video is amazing.

Watch from beginning to end.

The Lord has blessed this woman with an amazing ability and incredible skill.


  1. That was amazing! I stumbled onto your blog somehow or another and I just wanted to say hi and Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Where in Miss. are you? I LOVE your picture ~ I remember lots of those little people being everywhere when my children were little!

  3. we're in the Brandon area now, but we're closing on a house between Canton and Carthage any day now :)
    Yes, we love these hand-me-down little people, My daughter set them up like our 4 kids and I just had to take a pic--even the bite marks on one of them is funny :]

  4. Well hi Neighbor! thats where we live too! Hope you enjoy your new house!


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