Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday 761-785

The Thankfulness List continues...

761.  Little piggies going to market this week
762.  unexpected blessings

763.  weekend time with family
764.  long, cozy winter nights

765.  the Lord revealing himself through Scripture
766.  our new nightly Theology lessons with K, W, & A

767.  Daughters that can cook
768.  taking nights off from cooking so they can "practice"

769.  Fun, inside jokes
770.  dreaming of the Spring garden

771.  finished projects
772.  family taking care of business for me

773.  peacefulness about Greg's Mission Trip this summer ~ he's going to Haiti
774. our church's focus on local, national & international missions

775.  helping people
776.  smiling faces of friends on Sunday morning

777.  planning surprises
778.  my husband turns 48 this week!

779.  helpful hands
780.  listening to our dear Baby Twin Friends "sing" in church yesterday (they are 9 months old)

781.  those same little twin friends waving Hi & Bye
782.  twin baby snuggles

783.  selling another baby quilt
784.  money generating craft projects for fairs

785.  my children becoming entrepreneurs

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