Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too much time to think

I, like most homeschooling moms, don't have lots of time to just sit and think.  This week, I've got bunches of time...2 whole days in fact.  Katie & Will's cold turned into Donna's upper respiratory infection.  So I got to visit the dr. yesterday, cough all over his office, get chest x-rays and walk out with 4 prescriptions.  Being Jan., we have to meet our health ins. deductibles again, so everything was very expensive.  But, the deductibles are almost met.
Here comes the too much thinking part...
there are things I don't understand like ~
why are there women in the military?
why do they want to go into battle?
why do some parents not encourage their girls to be feminine?
why do women want to "lead" men ~ at work, in church, etc.?
why do men "let" or want their wives work to buy more expensive toys (as opposed to having to work to pay the utilities & buy food)?
why are families raising little boys to be soft & spoiled?
why are young adults becoming "professional" students instead of getting a job?
why are the people who place such a high admiration on a college degree the same ones who don't use the one they have?
what happened to people saving money to purchase things they needed or wanted?
why do people think abortion is a "choice" when it involves a human life?
why does family life involve so many people going in so many different directions?
why don't people rely on the Lord and His word for their "advice"?

Just a few things I have been contemplating.  
Too much time to think, I guess.
Plus, some really strong cough syrup ~ there is a reason why they need your ID for this stuff.

Thought of another one....
What self-respecting, Biblical husband would want to be a "house husband"?  He stays home while Mom works. 

As a society, we've gotten too far away from the Biblical Vision of the home and family.  If everyone based their lives/families on the scriptures and not on society, I think we would have less divorces, less latchkey children, less playtime on the internet, etc.

We've done it every other 'bout if we give God's way a chance.


  1. Well, those are all excellent questions. Questions I often ask myself. Some I'm even guilty of sometimes, as we all are. But striving to do better is what seperates us and our salvation from some of the rest of the world. May we just all keep praying for their knowledge and eyes to be opened.

  2. Wow, first of all I missed where you and the kids have been sick. So sorry!! I hope you are all on the mend now.
    Now, down to the thinking..... Your women in the military is a big one at our house. When Ronnie went in the military in '86, there were very few women, now there are so many and it just causes one problem after another. They are now in combat positions which is what Ronnie has always been in, as to avoid the issues that go along with women in the military. There is no way to avoid it now. They are literally everywhere and in every job and branch. Which leads me to this.... Peyton use to want to be an Army man just like his daddy. Now, we tell him absolutely not for the previous reasons stated and because of the don't ask don't tell situation.
    So I don't know why they want to go in but I do know that because of the wanting to and because our leaders let them, Ronnie and I both think our country is under judgement.
    Oh, and the house husband just cracks me up!! I could never see that flying around this household.
    Have a great weekend, friend!!!

  3. AMEN on all of these questions!

    I hope you get well very soon! You mentioned on my blog last week that you'd like to get more into natural remedies. Well I have a really neat giveaway that I think you'd enjoy!...

    Here is a link for some tea that I think would help with the respiratory infection too.

    and a vapor rub that really helped us when we were sick recently...

    God bless you!


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