Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Springtime in Mississippi

Its finally here!  Springtime!  The birds are singing ~ the pool is clearing up ~ the doggies are sunning on the deck ~ the weeds are abundant ~ the temps are getting warmer, low 80's the last couple of days ~ the lawnmower got fixed and the grass cut ~ the peach tree has fruit and I've been to the plant stores twice and stocked up!

We bought 2 forsythia bushes (yellow bells), a lavender plant, a yellow broom plant (may not be the official name but the flowers were pretty), another butterfly bush, cucumbers, peppers, onion sets, tomatoes (3 kinds), a honey crisp apple tree, a dahlia plant, some "polka dot" plants, yellow squash, zuchinni,  marigolds, some seeds, and 2 new brightly colored pots.

We took off last weekend from helping at the ceramic shop to take care of our yard and get some "farming" done.  It took Greg quite a while to fix the John Deere but he was successful and got the front and back yard cut.  It looks so nice now!  And I got my hands really dirty and planted lots. 

Over the fall/winter, I had set all my pots inside my garden boxes so that Rosie didn't destroy them all.  With the lattice framing the top of all the boxes, she wasn't able to get to the pots.  When I cleaned everything out on Sat.,  I was about to dump a pot and discovered it had a quite healthy rose bush growing in it ~ I have no idea where this came from but I planted it in the yard anyway!  Here are some pictures of springtime in our yard ~

lots of peaches!

I thinned out the clusters and the chickens ate the green peaches!

strawberry blooms

bright, huge flower pot ~ Amy has a turquoise one for her bunny treats garden

I have always loved marigolds

gifts from the chickens!

And today the Lord sent us a nice rain ~ it can fill up the rain barrels and water all the goodies that were planted on Sat.

Happy Springtime!


  1. We spent the weekend working in the yard and getting our patio ready. Between that and Easter with friends it was a great weekend.


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