Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easy Pillowcase

Several months ago I saw this pillowcase tutorial on Pinterest that I thought looked interesting.  The link to the original post is

Today Amy and I attempted these.  I must say, when you got to the turning the fabric "sausage" right sides out...I didn't think this would work.  But it did and it was EASY!  And only 3 seams ~ start to finish.  We made 3 in less than 45 minutes and that included cutting the fabric and ironing the seams.  Accurately pinning the layers together to sew is crucial or you might end up not catching a piece of fabric (speaking from experience here!). 

Here are some of my pictures of our creations ~

the pillowcase sausage

this is the point of thinking "this isn't going to work"

just keep pulling

Ta Da!  Isn't it cute?

I made 2 for 2 little boys I love!

Amy made one for a little cutie we know will be a monkey like his daddy was!
Its worth it to print out these directions, for easy reference.  The main body of the pillowcase takes 3/4 yard of fabric, the cuff was 1/3 and the trim piece 1/8.  With all the fun, gorgeous, or novelty fabrics available ~ these can be easily personalized to any décor or theme!  I did change one thing from her directions ~ instead of doing the French seams on the inside of the pillowcase, I just serged the sides and bottom together. 

These could also be great in our Etsy store.  And they could be personalized with machine embroidered names or initials. 

I just love it when something works like the original poster says!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I will have to give this a try. I would love to have pillows that match my quilts.

  2. I learned how to do these from Miss Abigail, who first learned how at a 4-H camp a few years ago. They are wonderful! They would be good in a hope chest, don't you think? ;o}


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