Friday, April 11, 2014

My Life Was Forever Changed

18 years ago, today, I was the Mama of a 12 year old son and a 7 year old son.  Both blonde, one blue eyed and one brown eyed, both full of energy, their bedroom full of trucks, cars, legos, k'nex, books, stuffed animals & lots of Boy/Cub Scout stuff.  They loved video games, camping, playing ball in the yard, riding bikes, doing stuff with their dad & grandpa Bill.  They turned my life upside down with excitement, adventure & fear (have you ever heard feet running across your roof?  I have!)

The Lord had a new adventure in mind for me.  18 years ago tomorrow ~ my baby girl was born!  She had a head full of black hair, an olive complexion, and blue/green eyes (now green like her Grandpa Bill).  We now had lace, pink, dolls, tea sets, stuffed animals with names & personalities, and lots of drama. 

Fast forward 18 years later ~ tomorrow Amy Lynn turns 18 (gasp). She surpassed me in height about 6 years ago, has long brown hair and big green eyes.  My Amy today loves ~ baking, reading, ballet, crafting, her dogs & rabbit, animal facts (her knowledge rivals Animal Planet), shopping, volunteering, going on Mission Trips, teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, going to Disney World,  swimming, traveling, jetski rides with Greg, "babysitting" her Granny, spending time with her cousins & siblings & being an Auntie.  Given the choice of any fast food place she will always choose Chick Fil A.  She started her own home business since graduation ~ Amy's Cupcake Creations ~ all made from scratch & they are yummy! 

In her 18 years she has gone on Mission Trips to Honduras, Prince Edward Island Canada, Oklahoma, Memphis, and New York State.  She leads a group in our churchs yearly Bible School. 

And I was forever changed ~~~~  I love you Amy Lynn!

Smith Mtn. Lake

bible drill


Cutting off her waist length hair to donate for Cancer Patients

Homeschool High School Graduation

she's an Auntie

crafts at Street Reach in Memphis with Inner City Kids

Amy loves riding with her Dad on the Jetski!

Amy's gift to Granny ~ Pigs In a Mud Pit cake!

Happy 18th Birthday~

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