Monday, April 14, 2014

Lessons Learning

Here are a few lessons we are learning while helping pack the shop ~

* Some folks like to chat/visit not pack
* You can't have too much shredded paper (we ran out)
* Boxes are a great commodity (at one point yesterday, I packed something in a tissue box!)
* Dust & pollen are not a good combination
* It takes much more time than you think it will
* You can't keep some stuff from breaking
* Strong men are a necessity to the process
* Keeping  a sense of humor is good (and occasionally thinking "oh bless her heart")
* Family is awesome ~ Amy & I took this on ~ Greg has helped, James & Will went box hunting yesterday
* Lots of cold drinks are needed ~ helps cut down on the pollen & dust
* Chairs are awesome to sit boxes on so you don't have to lean to the floor
* Organization isn't in everyones genes
* Some folks are definite packrats (or have a strong depression era mentality)
* Its really ok to throw some stuff away

Some interesting stuff I found yesterday ~ all ceramic

*An Elvis Bust (he is packed in a shoebox)
*A ceramic flyswatter holder
*A loaf of bread canister
*Plates, platters, and trays ~ oh my!

Today is another day!  But first some grocery shopping is necessary!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I thought all these same things, when we packed our house to move. And those that helped us surely thought these things about me. LOL. Bless my heart I am a pack rat of useless stuff.


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