Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rejected Wedding Theme #1

Greg and I feel its our duty to HELP plan this wedding, after all we are the parents.  Last night Greg came up with a brilliant idea.  Instead of tuxes the guys could wear Chef jackets ~ in black of course, this is a fancy schmancy affair.  The gals could wear pink chef jackets.  We were going to get the Pastor a chefs hat so he would look different from the rest of the wedding party.  Bouquets could be edibles...carrots with to leafy tops still attached, heads of brocolli or cauliflower, etc.  These bouquets could serve 2 purposes ~ bouquet and munchie if the ceremony goes on too long.  Gifts for the attendants could be carving knife sets, or something else to match the foodie theme.

Then we were going to help stock their pantry by tossing edibles instead of just birdseed after the reception.  We thought of having them carry open gallon ziploc bags to catch the rice in.  And then Amy got into the planning and came up with some really wonderful ideas ~ throwing packs of Ramen noodles, canned goods, frozen turkeys, and cases of water bottles (Amy is all heart & extremely creative).  We figured instead of everyone yelling...good luck, we love you, call us soon  ~ we could out, incoming, duck~

Somehow, Katie did not catch the vision for this idea.  I'm not sure why, but it was all thought of with love and concern for the new couple setting up their first home!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone else see a problem with this?  Or is Katie just being really sensitive?

(I sincerely hope and pray that anyone who read this idiotic rambling knows that I was kidding!  But it did give me a great post for the blog ~ and yes, the above coversation really happened.)


  1. For those wedding guests who might not feel comfortable in crowds, but still want to be part of the action.....potato cannon (can you say,"backyard ballistics?") Humm, I wonder if
    it's acceptable to shoot apples and oranges along with potatoes (for a varied diet, of course). Oh, for those inevidable bumps and bruises, they can hold bags of frozen fruit on their "ouwies". Maybe Bryant should wear shooting goggles, so he can see to drive away, because if they delay...we just keep throwing. I truely feel that Katie hasn't given this idea enough consideration (or maybe she had to erase it from her memory so that she wouldn't have nightmares!! I love you Katie, Aunt Brenda

  2. I have no doubt the conversation happened - didn't you say Greg initiated it?!

    I must say this post is hilarious - but - I'm leaning to agreeing with Katie.

    Sensitivity can be underrated! She is a bright soul.

    And Greg is, well . . . :)

    love rie

  3. Tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard...why should I waste anymore brain power ~ the Beards can take care of this part of the will be memorable~

    Now I really have a headache from all the laughing!

  4. Doug says we need to get a life...We have one!!We have to get our jollies somehow. Given time,
    we can come up with other creative ideas. It won't be a wedding that your attendees will easily forget. Although extensive therapy may
    Don't worry, Katie & Bryant- we'll try to behave ourselves--maybe.
    be sure and publish any other themes - I'm sure I can help with them. I'll send any others I think of. Brian's at school and he's quite creative this way, too- I'll keep you informed if he has anything to add to the plans. Brenda

  5. Repeat after me...WE WILL BEHAVE AT KATIE AND BRYANTS WEDDING! All these "ideas" are just jokes and will not happen! But we can have fun with it between now and then.

  6. Yes, for anyone who does not know us...I'm Donna's sister and our family and Greg's have known each other since we were babies. We joke around, but when it comes down to it....don't mess with our girl's wedding ---it's not funny then!


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