Monday, July 4, 2011

Riding in the RV

What can you do while riding in the RV between St. Louis and central Miss.?  Glad you can make lists of wedding to do stuff.  You can plan all the food for the "after the ceremony party" (know in some circles as the reception but thats too stuffy and formal, we are having a party).  You can take your daughter to one of her grandmothers house to try on her 1st Mom's wedding gown.  You can Praise the Lord that the dress fits almost perfectly...just needs a little taken off the length.  You can get teary eyed when you see how beautiful she looks (sorry, no pictures can be posted ~ but I can tell you its long and white!)  You can stop at some outlets on the way home and buy some wedding goodies to go with the dress.  You can list everything you need to buy for the wedding to start a budget.  You can make bunches of phone calls to set more plans in motion ~ Amy Kate and Sarah are going to be our wedding ceremony no one walk down the aisle till they tell you to.  You can pray.  You can laugh.  You realize that YES you can plan a great, wonderful, memorable, full of love day for your Daughter and Future Son in Law in just 12 weeks.

You can talk to grandparents.  You can smock.  You can listen to sermon's on the CD's.  You can drink caffeinated beverages to help stay awake.  You can listen to Granny's plans to be a bridesmaid ~ haha, she gets to be the wedding Granny.  You can make plans to shop for fabric, shoes, napkins, plates, invites, etc.

Then you can pray some more and know that with the Lord's help and guidance this is going to be a magnificent day in our daughter's life!


  1. I think Granny would be a spectacular flower girl!!! What's the date? I didn't realize Jana was that tall, I was thinking that you might have to figure out how to add length, not shorten! I have pics. of the dress, but they are top secret....--Brenda

  2. I think Granny should be a flower girl, hee,hee!! You could curl her hair in Shirley Temple ringlets.....can't you just picture it?
    I forgot how tall Jana was, I thought Katie was
    taller, I was thinking you'd have to lengthen it, not shorten it. I have pics of the dress,
    but they're top secret....Brenda

  3. Katie is an inch or 2 shorter than Jana was.

    Mom will have to settle for wedding Granny. Bryants 3 littlest sisters (Bethany, Brigitta, & Belhannah)are the flower girls. They are 6,4, and almost 3. I am smocking them dresses for the ceremony!!!!!


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